What's up with this place recently?

What am I watching?

Sadly I’m watching this forum turn in to some kind of my little pony politics show.

I used to quite like this place, but the trending topics with most replies no longer seem to be anything to do with the cadets, but are just full of sofa pundit politics.

I still return every now and then for a look, maybe it’ll return to being a cadet forum soon and I can enjoy it once more.

Maybe the moderators have lost the plot. Time will tell.


You obviously weren’t there in the old days, politics was always a key topic. After all any Cadet going for a Commission should be able to answer questions on current affairs at a board.


Understanding the PESTLE situation is an important part of leadership, and yes that includes in an organisation such as RAFAC.

We also discuss the other elements of PESTLE on this forum on a regular basis.

To ignore how the political landscape influences the running of the organisation is to ignore a key element that affects this and every other cadet force.

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Looking back over some of your recent deleted posts, you yourself have posted quite a bit of “armchair politics” and have not followed our AUP for some of them.

As far as the moderators are concerned as long as a post doesn’t breach our AUP, then we will allow it. It’s unrealistic to expect we only ever discuss the lack of flying, shooting and other fun stuff we’re supposed to offer but can’t/don’t, wo the conversations have to go somewhere.

Lastly, if you have a memory about how useful the site used to be, why not support us to get back to your vision rather than just coming and complaining about us? Post some advice, reply positively, help us be better.

  1. Don’t wee into the wind
    2 .Good work @pEp
    3 . If you follow 1 then you won’t smell like wee therefore would “be” better smelling

Equally the world in general seems to be a lot more political than it used to be (unless I was naive to it) but I think it’s good to have somewhere like here where there is healthy debate on different viewpoints rather than the FaceTwitter/Reddit echo chambers.


There is a good mix of views but (almost always) respectful debate and some recognition of others’ views. I’m impressed by the depth of knowledge some people provide too, which encourages more research rather than empty dogma. Definitely much healthier than most online communities!


In the interests of fairness, it is worth noting that Piper didn’t create this topic. He posted the post elsewhere, but I deleted the post which it referred to, and that left this post somewhat out of place, I thought it an interesting query worthy of further discussion however.