What would you do if the RAFAC suddenly disbanded tomorrow?

How would you react or do if something like this tragically happened? How would you feel?

This is my first post before my introduction post (I’m trying to figure things out)

Army Cadets?!?!?

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I would personally go to my room and cry for a few days and come back out and start a protest.


“Execute Order 66.”

----screams heard from HQAC and Whitehall----


I’d probably look at volunteering with the ACF/scouts instead.

But then probably would end up not doing that as I’ll not get around to sorting it out and instead have an extra 8 hours a week for me! :man_shrugging:


Only 8!? Lightweight :rofl:


Sit about wondering what happened to the last 37 years……


Curl up into a ball and cry for weeks. Then maybe think about joining the ACF.

That my minimum working hours. 4 hours each for two parade nights :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably either jump ship to the RM cadets or do something in the local community, search and rescue etc etc


Privately: join the BGA and learn to glide. Best chance of giving youngsters aviation experience.
At work: probably end up in CCF Army or RN.

Get more involved in the local community where whatever you contribute people are grateful for you giving your time, you give whatever time you can and the BS to do things isn’t stifling or as time consuming.

Not entirely sure I would miss the Air Cadets at all, even after 46 years. The powers that be have sucked the joy out of it and there is now no official room for spontaneity.

My life back, according to my other half :roll_eyes:


Go find a school or local authority that would pay me to do what I do for free!

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I left the organisation pretty much overnight having done my time as a Cdt, CI & Officer…found it easy to do other things and fill my time…
However, I still have regular dreams after 10 years or so that I am still on my Squadron (sometimes my old ATC Squadron but mostly the VGS) but not sure why I am there or what I am supposed to do (Some would say that reflected my actual attendance! :wink: )…strange really…must have left an impression!


Heres a blast from the past

Having left once and come back I know there are plenty of organisations that will use (and abuse) volunteers just as much as RAFAC.

If RAFAC was no longer an option I’d probably spend more time flying and at the driving range/golf course

The organisation was pretty much stood down overnight due to covid so pretty much already gone through the motions.

As most people have said find something else to do. It is common that those who volunteer often volunteer for other organisations or activities as well as RAFAC.

There the Search & Rescue Teams, scouts Freemasons, RAOB, Round Table, special constables, community first responders, retained fire fighter, reserve forces.

You even have ‘cadet’ groups started up by those unhappy with their own cadet force such as the Naval Training Corps & the Ranger Cadets.

I personally would probably try & pick up more of the hobbies I’ve let slip.


Gentlemen in particular, do you think significant others would allow you to have ‘free’ time, those jobs around the house don’t just do themselves you know.

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At the moment they do!

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