What would you do if the RAFAC suddenly disbanded tomorrow?

I do, provided I submit the leave request with six weeks notice. Approval is granted the week before the requested period. :joy:


With some activities cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, I have a couple of weekends of DIY coming up.

It’s not your life per se it is whatever constitutes your family life and ability to just do things, without checking to see if there a “cadet” activity that means you can’t do the family activity.

Ah. … but like SMS do you end up sweating on a last minute Governance check that could cancel the whole thing?


And sword fighting…

Start cadeting everything!!!

Make your own SQN

Get my life back.


Get another hobby that takes up 15+ hours a week…

Else might be forced to spend time with the family. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


What I would do: sigh, and be genuinely sad that an org that had given me, and hundreds of thousands of other kids, some fantastic experiences was now gone.

What I wouldn’t do: fall off my chair in surprise.

I’d probably feel a bit guilty that in the last 5 years I’ve massively reduced my commitment to the ATC, and therefore contributed a bit to the downward spiral, but in the end it wasn’t me making everything harder to do while the Scouts were doing the opposite…


I have been due my CFM for well over a year since I applied for it through my chain of command (the longest time I have waited for any gong, including ones for campaigns that had to be newly designed and minted), so first of all I would just apply for it via the government website as an ex-serviceman. At least I’d have something to show for my service then.
We have an ACF detachment in our combined cadet centre, so I’d have a look at them, I s’pose.
I think most of our cadets would forget about the RAFAC in a week - on our squadron they’re the type of child who has something else going on every evening of the week anyway.
Now that the RAF no longer requires lots of manpower (…and it is still 87% male in this day and age) in order to keep up with the large turnover of personnel it used to have in the 20th century, how much would that organisation miss our input? :thinking:

Id be able to do my day job fully during the day


I would attend a lot more more Road Marches, attend Nijmegen as a civvi staying in a nice hotel and nor worrying about the children in my care.


Could do that anyways?

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So true that’s what I would do

I imagine the answer will be “join the CCF”.

I mean with all the trouble about paying for buildings and maintenance etc, and the separate full time support structures, I begin to wonder if I shouldn’t just apply direct to my future CCF and cut out the middle man.

I wonder how much money would be saved if everything just collapsed into CCFs and existing cadet force centres helped grow some new CCFs in unserved communities?

You could have some pretty big combined units then.

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This is a bit of a thread from the dead…

I’d be focusing more on the other things I’ve started to volunteer with ready to bang out of the RAFAC anyway.


I do both at the moment - my primary role being CCF…

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