What have you got up to over lockdown?

The forum’s been a bit quieter than usual over the last few days (or so it feels), so find this as an opportunity to share photos or just descriptions or whatever of the exciting things you got up to during the last four months.

Pack of virtual hobnobs to the best submission :wink:

I made a table lamp out of heating pipe

please excuse the untidiness of my shed


Have become a lycra clad menace and got really into road cycling. :biking_man:

Also written 15,000 words of my postgrad dissertation without access to a library which I consider reasonably good going.


All I need to say is :burrito::taco::hotdog::hamburger::meat_on_bone::poultry_leg:

It’s not been a healthy couple of months…


I’ve become addicted to running and lost 45lbs to the point my uniform is huge on me and need a new set… Which there’s probably very little in supply chain.

Also grew an illegal beard… Decided I don’t like it and need to carefully work out how to remove it without upsetting she who has all power that likes it.


I have the opposite problem, my beard is regs legal, but not liked by the long haired Groupie


Lockdown? Was ops normal for me!

I got my wood working and computing skills out and made a retro arcade machine, plugs into the telly!


That’s incredible, beats my DIY project threefold :rofl:

I got told off for digging out the megadrive to replay alex the kidd

Good work though…id buy one!

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congrats, you’ve just ingrained the Alex Kidd music in my head and it will most likely stay there for weeks :laughing:


Don’t worry… Could be worst…Just think about Sonic The Hedgehog.

Yours is cool too!

Could you maybe have spent lockdown learning the metric system?

Pretty much situation normal for me, work, creating web copy, product research, TV.

Rewatched Arthur, rewatched Rick and Morty, rewatched S1 Umbrella Academy, watched S2, rewatched S1+2, couple others maybe, lots of films.

Oh and a panic clean when people were allowed to visit again!

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None o that forren muck ovva ‘ere

How many Fahrenheit in a Cup again?


The odd one or two… or something… yee haw

Some of these are really cool, makes me jealous i don’t have this sort of creativity and skill! :tired_face:

I never stopped working! Work on the frontline for the NHS in primary care, so it’s been a bit of a ‘busy’ time!


I spent most of my lockdown learning how to use an airbrush for modelling. Primarily learning how to paint a scaled down version of battleship dazzle cam.


Ouch, mine just alternate panels black and purple.

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