What are you watching?

That scene really bugs me. Proper character assassination of Dyke.

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100% agree.

Also… that battle.was something like 6 hours of intense fighting.
Hence why it made the list to be shown at all.

Dyke froze up… yes…
But who else did when under sniper fire for 6 hours.

Band of brothers is excellent.

But there are a couple of moments where i think…

… really…

Was that chracter snipe necessary.

An interesting read…


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It’s the problem with journalists who pretend to be historians, they put too much emphasis on personal recollections 70 years later and don’t spend enough time in the archive. Ambrose was bad for it, so is Max Hastings.


Just finished series 2 of SCREW on channel 4.

Excellent drama with excellent acting although with a bit of actor allusion.

Jamie Lee O’Donnell plays a character that could be a grown up version of her character in Derry Girls

Steven Wright’s character is almost exactly how you would imagine his character in Bluestone42 (Simon) to be after leaving the army & joining the prison service.

Excellent drama all round & well worth a watch.

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Yes, I know, but I use it to solely show the importance of making decisions.

There’s also a scene in We Were Soldiers that I use, the helicopter landing sequence while training.


For me it was Albert Blythe.

Post credit cards said he died of wounds after Normandy, however he ended up being promoted to a senior sergeant level and saw action in Korea.

Im really enjoying the youtube skits by Charlie Hopkinson where he deepfakes himself as Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Anakin reviewing the films/episodes.

Anakin, Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan react

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Lockheed Martin had so much free advertising from Top Gun Maverick.

I’d love to have a playlist of suitable movie scenes for leadership!

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We keep talking about this, (I think we even had a topic once) but we never keep the momentum on them. I do however love the following (& used both) in leadership lessons as both are quite short but poignant.

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Lower Decks season 4.