What are you watching?

(To save our moderators having an aneurysm thought I’d start this topic off instead of hijacking WMMH every few days)

Currently re-visiting a few of my old favourite Black Mirror episodes (does anyone else think they took the idea for that new ITV dating show (The Cabin or whatever drivel they’re calling it this week) from This episode

Then probably against my best interests i’ll start watching S3 of Disenchantment. (NETFLIX)

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Christ knows. Binged Cobra Kai three, and finished Carmen San Diego. (I know it’s for kids, but it’s good.)

Now I have nothing.

Just finished watching Season 2 of the Mandalorian.


Just about to start S5 of How to Get Away With Murder, we started having seen none over Christmas

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We’re rewatching West Wing right now. Tonight is Two Cathedrals, an rather excited about that


Finally started breaking bad yesterday

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Just finished watching the Netflix original ‘Night Stalker, the hunt for a serial killer’, it is well worth a watch. It focuses more on the detectives rather than the killer which I found quite refreshing.


That’s like someone saying they have never watched the Sopranos or never eaten a slice of bread!

Yesterday was a chill out day and we watched Extended Editions of Hobbit 1 & 2, will watch number 3 next weekend I suspect

Never seen sopranos

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You’re not my partner are you? That’s what we did at the weekend, 1, 2 and 3. Surprised with some of the bits they chopped out though.

Anything with Aaron Sorkin as the screenwriter is always worth a watch

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Big series is The Crown (only on season 2 and have to fit it around when the better half is asleep as she doesn’t like it!).
Smaller stuff - Pembrokeshire Murders was quite good. So was that one with David TenInch set in Scotland.
Even smaller stuff - The Bill - all on UKTV and with one episode a night it’s just good, inoffensive British TV.

This is the way


So I’m going to be talking all Netflix stuff here…

I’m totally with you on that one! It’s kinda nice to watch something occasionally that takes advantage of animation’s flexibility, but without much of the seriousness or it being “adult”.

I’m taking some time away from Netflix, but will be looking forward to coming back to things like Disenchantment, Carmen Sandiego (I think I just missed the latest), Final Space, Paradise PD.

I’m not really that into Disenchantment, but I’ll watch it anyway.

I’m happy-sad that Bojack finished, but tbh the last 9 months probably wouldn’t have been the best time to be watching that anyway!

I’m bummed that they cancelled Designated Survivor so that might be on a rewatch list later in the year.

Speaking of David Tennant, I really enjoyed “Criminal” - such a well written and acted series in all of the language versions. I think the first UK “miniseries” was better than the second and the German one was good.

Away from Netflix, I’m looking forward to the next Silent Witness.

I have never watched Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Titanic, Sopranos, or Frozen. Love me some “Inside Out” and “Planes” though…

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I can recommend Soul. A very pleasant surprise.

I thought Netflix saved this, or was it just a single season?

They did a few seasons but it went off the rails in the end IMO.

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It had a strong story for S1 and then kinda fell away I’ll admit

Just finished Jack Ryan.

And the Great. That was hilarious, but dark. So very, very dark.