What are you reading….?

In the spirit of other similarly titled threads, I am interested in what literary treats people are currently reading?

To kick it off; after many years of avoidance, I’ve finally picked up Terry Pratchett’s first Discworld book. And, thus far, am enjoying it!


John Nicholls Lancaster… Its a goodun


I tend to alternate fiction and non-fiction. Currently on non-fiction and reading “Vanished Kingdoms: The History of Half-Forgotten Europe”. It’s all about those countries that no longer exist as independent entities. Found the first 100 or so pages a bit of a slog, but it got better.

Best read of the year so far was probably “Journey Into Fear” by Eric Ambler - a properly good thriller.

I do love most of the discworld books! I think my favourite is ‘Going Postal’ - hence my user name!

I’m currently reading ‘Break Point’ by Ollie Ollerton. It’s a pretty interesting insight into a very interesting life.


I’m a massive Discworld fan and find that the first few books (which are great) are not up the same standard of the rest of them. You are in for a treat!

I’m currently doing a cycle of books. I’m alternating between re-reading the (Queen of Science Fiction) Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders of Pern series (for the umpteenth time), re-reading Discworld series (even more times) and the Dexter books (first time).

For my non-fiction I have a data protection practitioners text and “The Rule of Law” by the late great Tom Bingham.

Incidentally, the Wyrmberg in Colour of Magic is a deliberate pisstake of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern stories

Have you seen the Sky adaptation?

Is that the one with Richard Coyle in?

I really liked it (even if I spent the entire time expecting Moist to turn into Jeff from ‘Coupling’!

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Goblins know best, and rainbow six

The Cairngorms: A Secret History

Ooo. May need to add Tom Clancy to my cycle now

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I just read Iain Gale’s Keane collection. It was ok but felt like a rip off of Sharpe.

Just bought Mission France: the true story of the women of SOE, looking forward to reading that

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Finishing the last Shardlake book (slowly) - I enjoy then but i can’t read them very fast

Might go back to Flashman just because they are so un-pc and I like the history

and non fiction
Max Hastings - Vietnam
Malcolm Gladwell - Bomber Mafia or
Guy de la Bedoyere - Gladius

I’m currently reading Sharpe from the beginning for the Umpteenth time, currently on Sharpe’s Sword

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New Sharpe later this year for you

Oooh interesting, although I wish he would just get back to writing the Starbucks Chronicles, that deserves a few more books!

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I have only read a couple of Sharpes books
Might have to change that soon

Some of the more recent ones which are just filling in gaps haven’t been as good as the originals. But they are still all worth a read.

“I suppose that the most frequently asked question I get is “when will the next Starbuck book be published?” and it’s my fault that I get asked it so often. The problem began when the Sharpe TV series was made and it seemed sensible (no, it WAS sensible) to write more Sharpe books – so I took Sharpe back to India and began what is really a whole new Sharpe series. And the trouble was that the Sharpe books are just a bit too much like the Starbuck books and I did not want to be writing two of those a year, and so I sent Nathaniel Starbuck on an extended vacation. I fear he is still enjoying that. So will there be more Starbuck books? I hope so, but I don’t really know when” - Bernard Cornwell

He’s been saying that for decades :joy:

Yes wish I could get a vacation like that