We're recruiting for CFAV to join the national comms team

If anyone here has any interest or background in comms, you may have seen we’re advertising for a bunch of roles in the newly formed ‘Influence’ team at HQ, very much taking the lead of digital (nee VSDT) around integration and working practices of CFAVs with ownership and a voice at HQ.

Some of it is very much informed from the points raised in the army cadet media thread but we’re looking to give CFAV internal comms a much bigger focus (and have the buy in from permanent staff on this), bring in more content producers rather than just generic project officers, and then specialist leads for things like attraction and retention. The attraction and retention example means we can have someone focused not just on recruitment campaigns, but ensuring onboarding goes well and we pick up on other challenges in the life of a CFAV that comms can help fix, or flag to others (like digital). There will be some more roles in the future, but this is just the starter for ten.

Side note; we’re not increasing the size of the team, but instead have given the opportunity for some people to step down, others to have a clearer role and goals, and made vacancies clearer for those who might want a new opportunity.

Happy for a DM if you’d like to know more and discuss each role etc, and of course, happy for any challenge and feedback on how we start to push comms and marketing forward for the RAFAC.


Please do remember to include RSOs we always seem to be left out in comms stuff. Thanks in Advance

It’s all over the announcements on SharePoint for everyone to see :slightly_smiling_face::grin:


This to me is the first issue, we should be using VP or Email to advertise a Volunteer Role, rather than rewarding those glued to SharePoint or with alerts configured.

I think in this case VP is the better option rather than mailbox spamming.


Fully agree. Sat in on a sector meeting a while back and it was amazing the number of staff (mainly exec holders) who didn’t know about quite a lot of things that had been promulgated via SP announcements. It gave me a good appreciation that the current system is broken.


Stealing the thread for a second, I copy the SharePoint announcements and put them as entries into our weekly Wing Mail Drop that gets to delivered to all personal accounts with a primary post in the wing to avoid that.

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Is it?

Do we have any usage stats? I’d wager most CFAV very rarely log in to VP, because why should they? There’s nothing there. Once you’ve got your account set up and your details up to date, then what…?

I know that I’ve only logged in maybe 3 times since it was introduced. Because there’s simply no need to do so. Putting messages up there is a waste of time.


This applies equally to VP, at the moment, there’s very little reason to go in there on a regular basis.

Legend. So i can turn off the billion announcements now?

WTF is wrong with just using email? People are familiar with it, everyone gets their own one, if something changes it gets resent and everyone gets it and while this doesn’t mean they read it they can look for it.
Works for business and personal , so why we have to fanny around with this and that for a hobby loses me. I’ve had many all points and group emails over the years, quick scan and delete happens a lot. It used to work like this in the air cadets and as OC I would disseminate. Do we need anything more than this?


Have you considered contacting universities with media and marketing courses and offering placement work either paid or free for industrial experience.

Lots of them would jump at the chance for the experience and rafac gets help from skilled persons

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Because most staff dont log onto sharepoint either ever or only if they need something. Why would they check sharepoint every day just incase theres an announcement. Even emails can be missed unless linked to a phone

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Why on earth would you have air cadet emails or anything on your phone? This is potentially one of the reasons people feel “stressed” by admin in the modern idyll as they never get away from it. Our adj does this is and is always moaning about it, but won’t remove the links. HQAC I feel have a raised expectation that people do this on some sort of FOMO.

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Ngl i get fomo really bad. Must be the first to know haha

That’s easy for me. It actually streamlines my admin. As emails come in I put flags on the ones I need or want to respond to. Then when I reach admin time and log in proper I don’t have to wade through an entire week of crud to find the good.

If something gucci or short notice comes in then I can be among the first to reply - which has proven effective in getting stuff for cadets.


This exactly. I’m also in a lucky position where the nature of my job means I often get, say, 5 minuets ‘free’ every 20 minuets, depending on what I’m running. This just means I can use that small amount of time to check up on things. I wouldn’t have time to write emails or anything like that, but a small amount of time, regularly, adds up to a lot of saved time going though admin in the evenings. It’s also why I can spend ‘a lot’ of time on here, even during the work day :stuck_out_tongue:

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Same… what else do you expect a flying instructor to do whilst my student is flying me around trying to find new and ingenous ways to kill me?


“Just use emails for everything”

“Why on earth would you have emails on your phone”

Same user. Zero logic. Can’t even troll coherently.


Topic please. Haven’t had to say that for a while.


The last few days must have been bliss for the moderators