Webbing puzzle: strange little mini-pouch


Within the last few days (maybe in response to the fieldcraft expansion) I’ve decided to go a bit 21st Century, and begin investing in some MTP webbing.

The last PLCE webbing I had on personal issue was OG (which helps to show my age…but nomatter).

Along with a new khaki/‘MTP brown’ (possibly coyote-coloured) belt and a single small conventional MTP pouch, the supplying company appears to have given me a curious tiny pouch, also “coyote brown”…free of charge.

It is a weird thing, the size and general shape of a baby’s bootee, but flat/ 2D, almost like a mini Santa sock.

It’s made from hard-wearing nylon, with edge seam-tapes stitched on it, and two velcro squares (both loop, not hook), a tiny zip closure, and a para-cord puller.

Has me very puzzled…maybe a coin purse? Or an ID tags holder?

It came in a clear plastic wrapper with a QR code and part number (nb I don’t think it’s an issue item…no NATO stock number and not quite the quality).

Once I make some more space in my phone memory, I shall try posting a picture. But one of you webbing experts will know what the blazes it is, surely (mind you, it’s only ‘webbing’ in the sense that it’s made of webbing-grade material, and been sent alongside actual webbing).

Ideas please (no priority whatsover…just a bit of a mystery)


Hi @wilf_san, do you have a link to the place you got it from? May be able to look around and find the manufacturer’s explanation for you…


(Will need to do some digging to confirm the supplier details…)


as i read your description i was thinking a phone pouch right up to the point you said “santa sock”…but the photo proves it not to be the case


I think it - is - a webbing Santa sock!


It’s for your £1 coins for parking meters or shopping trollies - never anywhere to keep them in a Chieftain! :rofl:


Its either:

  1. a pouch for a spare boot.


  1. somewhere to keep your Apple and orange and your chocolate bars.


Tactical stocking, definitely


Tactical fishnets?


Think those are more of an RM thing


Tactical microbanana guard


Lucky rabbit’s foot pouch.


Oh come on!!
its obviously a mini kuhkari scabbard for the Gurkha cadets


Stuff your own cod piece… obviously


Don’t forget your blackberry for Comms !!!


That’s a hearing aid pouch…





(apparently the system won’t let me post in all caps - it thinks it’s “unclear”. Ahh… This line of normal text has fixed it, but it rather spoils my joke.)


It’s the pouch to store what’s left of my morale :wink:


With space left over for three fun-size Mars Bars