Webbing puzzle: strange little mini-pouch


Or regular size ones. Seeing as they are the same size now.


What’s morale?


It’s this thing we used to have, don’t fret about it, it probably won’t be relevant going forwards.


Surely it’d be to carry an emergency sewing kit to sew on badges you gain after every 45 minutes of FT


Always thought they should be renamed ‘bloody miserable sized mars bars’


Not yet, my suggestion hasn’t become policy yet


It’s Australian.

Tactical Miniature Boomerang Frog (Zipped)


That’s a shame :frowning:

Went to CISSAM this year and it seems army cadets have a policy where they just try to sew on as many badges onto the same patch as possible, to the point where they just overlap each other. Humoured me quite a bit