Webbing Nerds

Edited… and then some more words.

We have some. We don’t use it, it’s too modern. ‘37 is much more ally

'44 is where it’s at.

We had 44 when I was a cadet. Think the TA were still using it too!

Everyone knows that the cool kids have the '76 trial stuff. Like '58 Pattern… But made from Space-Age Nylon!

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Designed to be easier to decontaminate. Ahead of its time!

I’ll be that you could even remove the water bottle from its pouch too.

Where’s the fun in that?

Everyone should have the pleasure of holding a whole set of ‘58 under a Jerry can at least once in their life

Taking the webbing off to drink was the real fun.

I found I could just bend down enough to get water into the 58 pattern cup. If I tried that today tho I might never get up again

44 was actually better designed that every webbing design until PLCE. It was the product of an intensive design and feedback process on 37, and in particular looking at the problems in the Far East, where mechanisation just wasn’t a possibility, and troops were stitching bags onto bags and using bamboo slats as backpack frames to carry all their crap.
Unfortunately, it was never put into full scale production, 37 stocks were too numerous to justify it, and we were stuck with it until 58, which was never as good as 44, even when new.

I recently stumbled upon this rather interesting 30-page read regarding webbing development.

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No where near enough pictures for me to even start that.


Agree re '44 though. It even had 2 sets of belt clips on the ammo pouches so they could be worn high on the belt like '37 or lower down, closer to modern designs.


Aye, not a one I’m afraid.

It does contain some corking grammatical cluster’s though like “…designed a design to do x, y, z”

I love the fact that you’ve found that almost as much as that someone did an FOI request for it

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I was not the FOI requester I should point out :smiley:

Back in the 21st century, does anyone use a molle battle belt, and could you share info/photos of your load out?

I use a disciple battle belt, it’s very comfy, but annoyingly, has only 4 yoke attachment loops, when even their own yoke has 6 straps?

I fixed this by making some T-Bars with D-rings. (The same way they attach the single point slings to the Osprey if you look them up.)

On the belt I have 5 of the LMG/Water bottle pouches, as they are the biggest in the Osprey set. I then have 4 of the single ammo pouches, two each side, with a sharpshooter mag hanging off each. The single pouches are the filled with weights to balance the webbing. Sharpshooters are the biggest ammo pouch, and easily fit a Mug, or whatever you fancy.

All told it’s very comfy, and I’ve used it without issue at Nijmegen and when assessing at JL.

I’ve some Osprey pouches which came with a job lot of kit, so was looking at adding a different yoke on to the issued belt. I have some t bars already so that’s a good tip.

I’d like a good sized admin pouch, something not really possible with PLCE.