Waste Carriers Licence England and Wales - Good News?

I’ve just seen on BADER that HQAC have purchased Waste Carriers Licences for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I guess this means that I can leagally transport waste from Sqn to home or to the tip now?

It allows people in regional HQs to claim home-to-duty


How would your local tip know that it wasn’t domestic? I’ve taken all manner of things to our tip and no one has ever said anything.

if you go to your local tip in a van or minibus you are required to have a licence.

My advise would be to go in several cars

and perhaps to several tips.

I believe (and I’ll happily be corrected since I don’t know for sure) that it doesn’t matter if you’re in a car or a van. The carriage of waste from a Sqn (half a bag of rubbish at most usually) was possibly breaking a law if it was taken to a skip or placed in thier household waste as it is classed as Business waste. The licence allows us to transport the waste legally…i think

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Good of the announcement to provide this information to us :slight_smile:

spot on Monkey and it doesn’t mater if its a car, van or minibus If you are taking waste not domestic you need a waste license and you could be liable for fines if you don’t have it.

Our work had a job and it had 1 large hub site with about 20 smaller sites upto 25 miles from the hub and we got into some hot water as the guys working at the smaller site generated waste (about a black bag worth) and then brought it back to the hub site for disposal into the main skips there. it turned out we were deemed to be waste transporters too and needed waste carriage licenses etc…

Hmm…beaurocracy gone mad !!

I once had a run in at the recycling centre when i took a work minibus there with my old microwave etc on board. You can get 12 free’permits’ per year for vans / commmercial vehicles.
At our sqdn we just take a black bag or two home to go in the bin, every now and then. No hassle .
When we moved we hired skips. Fantastic opportunity to get rid of years of complete and utter useless junk!!! No trouble at all from local authority or anyone else.

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What on earth are people throwing away and how much that it wouldn’t be considered as domestic?

On a rotation we take the contents of the canteen and office bins at the sqn and put the bags in our bins at home. If it’s recyclable (most of it) it goes in the recycling bin at home. This happens once a fortnight at most so not a hardship.

If you go to a ‘tip’ in a van then you are almost asking for trouble, go in a car and no one bats an eyelid.

it doesn’t matter what or how much, its all dependant on source and thats where the regulations kick in

Some councils are very totalitarian when it comes to Waste, one near us has 9 different recycling bins!

Our local tip takes just about everything you can imagine, with labelled skips/containers. Vans and so on go one side and cars the other, but it all goes in the same skips labelled for the items.

So you go to your local tip and say I’m from the ATC and I’ve got some stuff to throw away and they say you can’t or need a bit of paper. Or you take it home and tell the bin men I’ve put a couple of bags from the ATC in the bin and they don’t take your bin.

Someone at Cranwell has had far too much time on their hands and people around the country likewise.

that is what is meant to happen legally.
but lets be honest the vast majority of waste dumps or bin men won’t give a hoot, however all it needs is 1 council to be awkward and the whole organisation is open to investigation and any resultant fine which could be considerable.

here is a quote from SEPA on who needs to register:
"If you are a charity or voluntary organisation and you transport waste, or you only carry waste that you have produced as a result of your business (excluding construction and demolition waste), you must ensure you are entered on our register of professional collectors and transporters of waste. See our section on Professional collectors and transporters of waste for further information. There is no charge for this type of registration. "

So to register for free it means we don’t get fined.

Fine if you have a small unit, bit more difficult if you have a large unit. Harder still if you have a large family and fill your home bins on a fortnightly basis. This is a simple fix HQAC have sorted for those who had significant difficulty in this area - for example those units who can’t have bins or skips because they would be behind the gate and won’t be emptied/need a commercial contract.
Get over it people. It was a good thing it was sorted.

My local tip - like many - will not take trade waste. There is a different site for trade waste.

So… This Waste Carriers Licence now means that Sqns can legally transport our waste to the special sites and pay to dump it as trade… As opposed to going to the amenity tip and, at the very worst saying “I’m clearing out the garage”, to dump it for free. :confused:

You’d only get away with that for so long, as most places operate ANPR systems now.

Though, that does go back to what others have said - It absolutely depends on how much your dumping.
It’s a “system” that we’ve “gotten away with” for the last 25 years.

For us, general refuse - A bin bag of recycling and a Tesco bag of rubbish every week is easily taken home by the OC or other staff and thrown into our own bins without issue.

If we clear out the stores or something then it’s a one-off day of trips to the dump. Easily sorted.

Whenever we’ve had anything really big to clear (about twice in the last 20 years) we’ve gone via wing and SERFCA have hired a skip.

One would have to be regularly dumping a shed-load of junk to warrant a Waste Carriers License or to get into bother by taking it to the amenity tip.

This has to be aimed at higher levels than the average Sqn.

I fail to see what we as an organisation are producing in terms of rubbish that is so very different from the average household. Paper, card, tins, wrappers are all household waste. Even clothing (old uniform), when one of my uncles died my cousins took a lot of his old clothes (things charity shops didn’t want) to their tip and put it in the fabrics skip.

We’ve taken old electrical items to the tip from the squadron and no one has questioned it.

As for APNR that’s to check that you live in the area covered by the facility. Our local tip has it and people from outside the area get turned away. I’ve gone back two or three times in a day when we do the garden twice a year, and when we’ve got ride of old furniture no questions asked. We have a garden waste bin but it’s not big enough for what we cut off. The petrol for a few trips is cheaper than even the diddies.

Very much so.

You realise that there’s a difference between what you can get away with doing and what you’re allowed to do?