Waste Carriers Licence England and Wales - Good News?


ANPR checking you live in the area? Utter rubbish. There’s no way a council system would know where you live. Police ANPR is reserved for criminal intelligence, not selling to the tip.


I’d imagine that the utility of an ANPR system would be limited to seeing which vehicles attend regularly (and singling them out for closer inspection) and identifying vehicles that have been banned.


I can’t believe that HQAC have fixed an actual real world issue and you lot are still moaning.

Regardless of how much, what it is or how well you know the local tip, it’s the source of the waste that causes you problems. Same reason we don’t have a bin collection - it’s commercial waste and we don’t pay council tax so don’t get a normal collection.

Now we just need to arrange for someone to collect sanitary bins (which frankly astounds me that we’ve gotten away with for so long. That’s actual clinical waste). Unless of course there is a collection that I just don’t know about…


Hate to break it to you but it is capable of doing that, it won’t have access to the police database but they can pay for access to the DVLA database which will tell them who the registered keeper is and where they live.


I disagree. They can only apply for the data retrospectively to enforce a matter. They won’t be able to get live data capable of telling them if a user is local. Plus, as you will know, there’s a whole heap of difference between the RK and where the driver lives (think lease vehicles). Read the DVLA information on bulk datasets which is available online (the information on what can be supplied)


Keep on topic please.


This is on topic. It’s a strain of discussion rebutting an excuse given to a reason as to why HQAC had to apply for this carrier license. But point noted.


I’m not sure I’d say that this was “moaning” by anyone.
It’s more of a confused discussion. Encouraged by the fact that this Waste Carrier’s Licence was just dumped onto Bader with - certainly in our wing - absolutely no communication whatsoever. I only happened upon it by accident this evening whilst logging in to look for something else.
I’d hazard a guess that our HQ doesn’t know about it at all.

One can’t help but wonder why? Where does it apply? What are we supposed to do with it? What are we not supposed to be doing?
It might be a solution to a real world problem… But HQAC don’t appear to have bothered to explain any of this to us at all.

Now there’s a point to consider.

I used to have a free collection of clinical waste weekly from my home when I was carer for my grandmother.
So obviously there is scope to have it collected.


If you are one of the handful of units banging on about this, you will know what to do with it. If you become a unit who needs this, you now know where to find it and it will be useful. If you are neither, chill out, move on, forgot you saw it, and stop wasting your breath on here for a nothing situation.


It must be rosy within the Air Training Corps, given that someone has the time to devote to a non problem like this.

We must be up to 100% delivery of flying, gliding with all sites fully operational and so on. Oh wait a minute …

If people are stupid enough to take rubbish home or to the tip and say I bought this from my ATC sqn, then if you are that dim, you only have yourself to blame if you get into problems. I would think 100% of councils and landowners are thankful that you are doing this and not fly-tipping or creating problems for vermin, to worry about a few bags of canteen rubbish and paper/card etc being put into civic amenities or household bins. What do other youth groups and clubs do?


You’re an idiot.

Just because there are other problems, doesn’t mean this isn’t one.

It’s not illegal to not provide opportunities for cadets. It is potentially illegal to dump waste from a business source posing as domestic waste.

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to say we’re in the same organisation.


This was probably, an hours work completed by someone who has no ability to resolve the flying/gliding issues to which you refer.

All that’s missing is an explanation to go alongside it


I get the feeling people at HQAC are looking for a problem.

Has anyone in the ATC in last 20-25 years been prosecuted for taking a bag or two of rubbish home or dispose of things at a local tip. If there had been this would have raised its head a long, long time ago, accompanied by blanket emails from all corners saying stop while we sort it out and HQAC inventing another raft of paperwork. This isn’t something that has ever came up at a COs Conference, which would be the normal forum for problems people are facing, even if over tea and biccies or lunch.

If I’m an idiot for wanting HQAC to concentrate their efforts on core activities and rectifying the problems we encounter with them, rather than peripheral matters that might affect WHQ and RHQ where the civil servants won’t have the nous to do something for themselves and get themselves in a knot about it, so be it.

I’ll carry on doing what we’ve done for more years than I care to think about.


You are the only person looking for problems.

And just because it hasn’t happened in the past doesn’t mean it won’t in future. You’d be the first on here whingeing if someone had been prosecuted that “HQAC should have seen this problem and some something about it years ago just like at work/my home/whatever other rubbish you normally spout” (no pun intended). Now they’ve done something about it you’re whingeing because the person who did it, who will have no power or ability to fix flying or other bigger problems, hasn’t done what you think is important.

Move on. Leave. Find a new hobby. Go outside and smell the flowers. Do something that makes you happy because the ATC sure as hell doesnt.


My council household bin collections are now three weekly. I can see some people not wanting to fill their own bins with squadron rubbish anymore, nor wishing to add a weekly visit to the tip to their already busy week.

Perhaps someone has flagged this up the chain, and the HSE folk have realised we’ve been moving waste illegally? Once that fact is known, we can’t just ignore it. A problem has been identified, and HQAC have implemented a solution in line with their HSE policy.

It hasn’t got cadets flying, but at least we’re no longer in the firing line of some jobsworth council type tasked with decreasing the amount of rubbish taken to the tip.

PS. For what it’s worth, I’ve always been honest when I’ve taken Sqn stuff to the tip, and not once has anyone said no. Not even the 10 aircraft tyres that we’d acquired way back when!


I’m sorry that the thread seems to have taken a turn for the worse; I didn’t mean to cause any problems on this forum. I just thought that it was a good bit of work someone had done to fix a problem. Because it is illegal, it covers us in the event of a problem. Good job to whoever sorted it.


We all find our own happiness and mine is seeing the cadets achieving and doing things.

The fact that they can’t affect the real things we need sorting, does question what it is they do all day and do we need them?

I can’t help it if I have little or no truck with paper shufflers.


You have no “truck” with anyone of authority. God knows how you put on your uniform without throwing up. Put up or shut up. You are far surpassed being a bore now it’s just tedious.


On the bright side, as things aren’t an issue as long as you’re getting away with them we now don’t need to get D1 licences!

I mean, how often are licences checked?


Same with weapons. No one ever checks that I have an ACF20 for any firearms so I’ll just go and buy some high powered rifle and keep it at squadron. That’s cool right?