VR(T) Commission Change


Don’t be silly, we have to wait until 30 Sept to be told it won’t happen on 1 Oct.

No nothing seen - formally or informally.


It appears someone has asked the question yesterday on sharepoint.


No, we’ll be told on about the November 9th that it happened on October 1st and loads of moaning that we haven’t done anything about and loads of flapping around having to play catch up. With threats of all sorts if we don’t comply, not that we have anything to do. But I bet the rank slides still won’t be ready

For it to come our on July 31st or August 1st, they’d need to have had a meeting at the end of June and then, the difficult bit, come to a decision.

if it’s not OK we’ll get yet more BS and spin, about how difficult it is, like one of them finding their backside with both hands and mirror.


Interesting response - something should be out in the next week or so it seems…


I would imagine that it won’t be happening, as if it was there’d be something on the ticker. Just trying to find the words that something that had been on the cards for several years and still isn’t completely sorted out despite the release last year, sound like it’s all good.


apparently its with the last bits to tie off with Legal


Why all the secrets about the legal issues? It’s hardly a matter of national security. I would love to know what they were, from a purely academic interest more than anything.

It still wouldn’t surprise me if it never happens. Just like that infamous policy non-change with Officer Cadet commissioning back in 2012.


It will happen to all new officers. Anyone currently holding one will continue to exist until they resign/retire/sacked for naughty things.


I imagine the security problem around saying what the problems are could be embarrassing.
I’d be more interested in these linked to the timeframe for the whole project, as I get the impression they barrelled along until someone went … ah, wait a minute.


That definitely seems to be the easiest and most logical thing to do… but that goes against every grain of the workings of the ACO


Which was what should have happened all along!


Why not just transfer everyone across?

We will end up with a two tier system which won’t help at all.


Even if they transferred everyone across, we would still have a ‘two-tier system’ because…err…not everyone will be transferred across.

It’s looking increasingly likely that AEF & VGS pilots would have to remain as VR(T) for accountability purposes as they are seen as flying ‘military’ aircraft.


Do keep up. It’s not the ACO, it’s RAFAC. :joy:


although I follow this argument it falls down when some VGS Staff were CIs…


VGS staff will be moving onto the new commission. AEF staff however…


I actually believe this isn’t of the ACOs doing. It comes from on high.


Is that true? I thought some VGS staff were going to be SNCO(ATC) Aircrew? In which case they are civilians, n’est-ce-pas?


How high and from which branch of the services?


I think it’s a fantastic idea and long overdue.