VR(T) Commission Change


The MoD


no no no.

Existing VGS officers remain as officers, either as VRT or RAFAC new commission

they are also introducing SNCO(RAFAC) aircrew rank slides for those SNCOs who are assigned to VGS.

there are (well were) SNCOs on VGSs to distinguish between those and tradition Squadron attending SNCOs the aircrew rank slides is coming.
i would guess there would be different promotion criteria that comes with it too as it would be difficult to tick some/most of the current NCO promotion matrix if sticking to VGS duties.
a qualification and a summer camp shouldn’t be impossible with VGS duties but assisting a wing team outside of Squadron, attend a Greens camp, run and lead activities, might not fall so easily.


As said by Prune, this is going on well above their pay grades.

The problem is that the ACO’s hierarchy like to give the impression that they are ‘players’, when in fact they are only spectators and in row Z with binoclulars. Do the ACF’s hierarchy behave the same? It has been increasingly apparent over the years that they have no influence over all of the major activities, someone says this is what’s happening and their only contribution is make things awkward to do the things. Also in playing God to CFAV, in a ‘do you know who I am’ manner.

The rationale/abstract of the “value our volunteers” project says it all.


WOW, no jaundiced view of the hierarchy here then!


to be fair, what do you think is wildly inaccurate about the description?

can you - to refute Teflon’s view - give an example of either something that the big bad world has foisted on the ACO that HQAC has managed to mitigate the effect of through its influence and charm, or of some policy that HQAC has enacted that hasn’t made the average CFAV’s life more hassle for less gain?

because, i’m afraid, i can’t think of either - infact, from what i can see, HQAC seems to implement outside directives more harshly or more incompetantly than they were intended to be, and appears to be physically unable to come up with any kind of policy or directive that makes doing stuff easier…


Not jaundiced at all… An entirely realistic view from what I have seen.


Anyone seen an update on whether this date is going ahead in October?


Hush! There is still ages yet!


Maybe I’ve been doing this for too long, but they are like many politicians, lots of words and little beneficial action. The longer you are in this organisation the more you see how ineffective our senior management is.

What they seem to forget, is they need the ATC more than the ATC needs them. Where else would they get to retire and then get another job paying FTRS / CS rates and still flounce around in a uniform? Unless they were high enough up the food chain get a position on a company/business in a senior/advisory capacity.


Yes lack of updates on this issue is shocking given it was due to come in start of June, delayed to October with a review taking place in July which we were informed that we would get an update now nearly the end of August and we are once again kept hanging on. Must be the VA/Travel section working on this as well ??


Commandant’s update implies October 1st ‘is the date’, “In between all this fun stuff, I also did some “proper” work and spent many hours on personnel casework, budget work and continued activity to prepare for the new Cadet Forces Commission which is due to launch across all the Cadet Forces on 1 Oct. HQ staff are working hard to ensure our policies and processes reflect the new commission.”


Where is this located?


Yes it be nice if the commanders update was shared with the rest of us, as for a proper job I don’t know of any officer or SNCO who does not do work related to the ATC/RAFAC (Yet to be decided) at home not even taking into account that on the 1st of Oct we the staff without proper jobs are to implement the said polices, process etc that we have not yet seen or had any say in.

Just found it on HRH facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/notes/commandant-air-cadets/commandants-update-20th-august/1405157256205687/


kinda answered your own complaint there really…

(I am not saying it is right that updates are only posted on Facebook, but it is readily known CAC does offer a (almost) weekly blog of the working week and some elements are expected to leak out…)


Areal shame that the same effort isn’t put into keeping the website up to date… Two of the front page stories are from February.


it is interesting that the website is not linking to more recent articles.

go to the news tab and the top 6 articles are from this month.

ok so a Royal visit and saving a life is significant news…but it isn’t typical - particularly when the life saving incident was from May the previous year!


Maybe linked to the fact that a certain HQAC person was arrested a while back.


Deleted original response as CBA anymore.


I think we should all just give up, go along with it and just accept that Facebook is the official means of communication for our organisation.


Does that mean we no longer need the WExO’s? I know yours need to go!