VR(T) Commission Change


Most of us know. However they still have not done the mass-relinquishment and mass-appointment

Furthermore, the Royal Warrant states:


I’ve also heard this from a few reliable sources. HQAC presumed the printing wouldn’t be an issue, the contractor said it’s not free and that’s why no one has their scroll yet.


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Confusion reigns:

From the Gov/UK Web Site
As Members
Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anne ATHERTON, (Cadet Forces)
From the London Gazette
To be Ordinary Members of the Military Division of the said
Most Excellent Order:
Flight Lieutenant Victoria Anne ATHERTON, 0213614A.

Take your pick.


Surely this Schedule to the Royal Warrant specifies that VR(T) will continue to hold such commissions until relinquished or resigned? Therefore no need for mass relinquishments/recommissioning?

What is odd in the different treatment of Chaplains: RAFAC are not to be commissioned, whereas Sea Cadets’ and Army Cadets’ Chaplains are? Who so?


I would agree, or unless extension of service is due…

I would also agree, however HQAC seem to think that all non-AEF VR commissions are terminated from 2 Dec 18…


I was briefed recently that VR(T) commissions were no longer for set periods and that continuance from age 65 was subject to “Annual Review”, so no “extensions”.

As to date, the Royal Warrant came into force on 1 November 2017, so if there were to be a change, who conjured up 2 December?


It also applies to all RAFAC uniformed staff.

It’s on bader, and the document linked in an earlier message


By 65 shouldn’t you be wanting to bin it anyway?
I don’t know many ATC types of any persuasion who see themselves in uniform past 60, let alone 65. I know I don’t.


Those past those ages just can’t let go of the pomp and circumstance I suspect.


Dear Teflon and bob

Can I politely ask who you are to judge the age at which anyone should want to ‘bin it’, and assume it’s ‘pomp and circumstance’ that keeps individuals interested and active?

I’m somewhere in between those ages Teflon states and just spent an afternoon as RCO.
The youngsters had a superb time, each and every one; RAF and Army cadets.

I’ll be doing an Army central camp early July and will be ECO for our contingent.
Please don’t make bland, sweeping assumptions about age.
You can’t avoid it you know.


Teflon appears to hate everything about the Corps anyway though, so hardly surprising that he doesn’t see himself staying in for very long…


Not a case of not liking it, more a case of being frustrated by seeing a once great organisation being run into the ground, decisions that have no basis in common sense just to exert greater control for no reason other than to prop up and perpetuate a fragile higher organisation. Here we are powerless to stop it. I’ve looked at the VoV thing on s/point and you get a sense of the people who have contributed trying to effect a better outcome for the organisation, urinating into wind, as even our highly paid “decision makers” are just pawns.

I think you get to point where it’s time to let others do it. Problem is you don’t see many coming through, who you think will be around long enough. Judging by the OC turnover of some squadrons, where the younger OCs have left after a short time in post and older ones going in to try and give them some stability. The problem is the older you get and children less of a constraint, you want to do more things and not feel tied to the organisation. One of old mates has lost 4 potentials for him to hand over to as they have left the Corps due to work and or family. I’ve got a CI on the squadron but he’s not prepared to commission for another 12 months.

As for the upper age limit, let’s not forget until a few years ago the upper age limit was 55 for uniformed staff and the change to 65 was made apparently to avoid age discrimination charges. However I think it was done as some of the ACMB were well passed the retirement age and there isn’t the number of new staff coming in, so the older ones among us needed to be kept on. In our sector there is one squadron with more than 5 effective staff, whereas go back 10-15 years not one of these squadrons was in that situation. Currently of the 6, 2 squadrons run by people in their late 40s and 4 over 50, two of them are nearer 60 than 50. Cut the age and it would force some of the younger ones to take up the cudgel. Where are the 25-40 year olds?

Given there are many who have the opinion that old people should leave as they are out of touch with youngsters, I would say to those you know what to do. If we lost this BS situation of needing an officer to run a squadron and others only do it on a temporary basis, I think the organisation would benefit greatly. Older uniformed staff could hang up their hats and maybe stay on offering experience etc.