VR(T) Commission Change


From The latest version of ACP 23…



I had a look through it - the whole ACP is riddled with errors and they’ve done a half-assed job of updating it.
We need to rectify this by eliminating the chaplaincy. It is the only way to be sure.


Good old ‘Order 66’, eh?


God is already with them, so I’m sure they’ll be fine on the other side :wink:


From my point of view, the chaplaincy are evil!

But we digress… :wink:


Do you have particularly strong views on sand? :wink:

No more, no more. I promise


Noticed the first mention of the “RAFAC Commission” has been on 29 May 18:


Another mention in 5 Jun 18:

But nothing of the mass-relinquishment and appointment!


That’s interesting.

I wonder why it isn’t Cadet Forces Commission, which is then broken down to the individual organisations?

My pet theory is that we’ve all been deliberately mislead, that the removing the VR(T) commision has been filed in the too ‘difficult box’, and that whilst we may now hold a CFC, the VR(T) commision remains until it reaches it’s renewal point, and then will be quietly marked ‘no longer required’, and then removed.

I’ve certainly seen no proof that I am no longer a holder of a VR(T) commision (nor that I hold a CFC, for that matter!), despite what has been said by HQAC.


I agree, I reckon they realised it was too difficult, and done just that. but to save face, they (MoD/HQAC?) haven’t told anyone so we’re all under this grand illusion…

Until I see my name in the gazette saying that I’m now commissioned in the RAFAC, and receive the legal document (scroll) and don’t give two hoots about people saying I’m no longer VR(T)…


Air Force Board Removal of VR(T) Commissions


That was on 1 Dec… 6 months on and we’re still waiting for Scrolls, and the Gazette… Despite the people at the top knowing this was incoming…

Organising a party in a brewery comes to mind…


There’s a difference between ‘we have decided to’ and ‘we have.’


Why would it be? An army commission is the same as an RAF one, but they’re still listed seperately.

CFC isn’t an organisation or formation - it’s a type of commission used by multiple organisations.


Like I said, until I see proof, and by that, I mean the relinquishment notice published in the London Gazette, I remain suspicious that all has not gone to plan, and that the ACF plan (dual commisions until the class B expires) has become the default for everyone.

Because the ACF and RAFAC are no longer parts of their parent service, so it makes little sense to add us onto the tail end of the Army or RAF sections.

When you look at the MOD supplement, the convention is:

So Why not:
CFC>SCC/Arrmy/RAFAC>Appointment/Retirement/Relinquishment>Petty Officer/2nd Lieutenant/Plt Off Bloggs?


Because the CFC isn’t a service!

I wasn’t suggesting that RAFAC commissions be listed as part of the RAF section, but on their own.


Why does there need to be a cadet forces commission at all?

I’ll rephrase: why does any person in the cadet forces need to have a rank that is associated with a “commission” of any form - why not just let a rank be a rank without any associated commissioning construct?


I know it’s not a service, but it makes sense (to me!) to group them together!

A bit like this:

The Cadet Forces

Army Cadet Force

Appointment to commission

As 2nd Lieutenant

J Bloggs 1234567
T Smith 2345678

Royal Air Force Air Cadets

Appointment to commission

As Pilot Officer

JR Hartley 01346562T
IP Freely 02343292Y


If we worked as you suggest HQAC and points below would fall into disarray as they wouldn’t be able pin things on people. This is the only reason we have a rank structure. It doesn’t benefit us as individuals, outside the occasion of PTD.


We can have a rank structure, terms of reference, even contracts and nominated blame (as opposed to general liability for one’s actions) without HM signing a damned thing.


Hi all,

Just a couple of observations from me. Regrettably, I cannot reveal my sources so you may chose to disregard this post if you wish.

  1. RAFAC Officers are now all on Cadet Force Commissions, less those who are required to retain them to comply with the Air Navigation Order.

  2. ACF Officers still hold an Army Reserve General List Type B Commission. However, these will be removed NLT Oct 18 to give parity with RAFAC Officers. Some people will retain their legacy commissions where required (e.g. serving Reservists, ex Regulars) and will in effect hold dual commission status.

  3. New Commission Scrolls will be issued shortly for all. However, the contractor that prints commissioning scrolls on behalf of DBS is only contracted to produce ~200 per month. The new requirement to suddenly print another X thousand for every CF Officer is outside of the contractual requirements and there is no money for this. So they will drip through eventually, unless more money is found.

  4. The CFC has been Gazetted. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/62208/supplement/3146