VR(T) Commission Change


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Still nothing in the Gazette about the mass-relinquishment’s of RAFVR commissions and the re-appointments under the CFC…


i think i saw something on the Ask the Team on this…?

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The MOD. They’ve thought this whole project through really well, haven’t they?

THEY wanted it and forced it through. Then they continue getting officers appointed to a commission in the VR (that’s a lot of AEF pilots…) and the ACF are still getting their bods on List B.

No CFC scrolls, no mass relinquishment notifications in the Gazette, no mass commissioning into the CFC but one hell of a lot of upset staff in the ACO.

How the MOD must be patting themselves on the back.

To me, it wasn’t broke and it didn’t require fixing. A little ‘adjustment’ perhaps but not fixing. iMO, the CFC was not required.

But the MOD forced it through anyway without having the wherewithal to back up it’s actions. That says a lot about the quality of people who staff that - clearly - highly-intellectual establishment.


Yes I sometimes wonder myself of the calbre of these people who wouldnt last a second in the real world outside their gilded existence.Personally ive had enough of the way things are going.I was at the docs the other day as been suffering some serious headaches.His advice was to slow down and cut down on stress.Well if he had of said that when I first came into the corps id of been surprised.It was genuinely good fun then.It isnt anymore ive just received yet more paperwork to fill in and more stuff that the RAF will send people round to inspect.Well enough is enough .Im not an office manager or a full time administrator.I joined the corps to provide fun activities for kids and to do something worthwhile in my spare time.The organisation is the main source of my stress and im not here to provide employment for people who ve nowt better to do.So when the day arrives I have to sign that volunteers agreement i ll be putting my papers in.The fun has been wrung out of this “hobby” its time to find another and hang up the blue suit for good.


In my view Gunner is quite right. The key driver for the change to the cadet force commission appears to have been the large number of service complaints being made by cadet force officers. If that is the case, it was probably due to poor drafting of the Armed Forces Act of 2006 which made all regular and reserve forces subject to its jurisdiction and therefore eligible to use the complaints procedure. Schedule 14 of that Act covers Amendments Relating To Reserve Forces. A carefully constructed amendment to the effect that the non-deployable officers of the Army Cadets, Air Training Corps and appropriate sections of the CCF would be subject to the internal complaints procedures of their own organisations should have solved the problem and saved a lot of staffing effort and angst !!


If you believe that the ACO is a part, no matter how small of your medical problem, take time out, your health and an ability to work for your living to provide for your loved ones is far far more important. The Corps does not support your family, you do.

The Corps will take take take, and when you crack up, will do nothing to help you.


i don’t disagree at all…

but i will add - try solve the problem at the source as prevention is better than cure.
in addition to the above, why not tackle why these complaints are being put forward? what is so wrong with the world that complaints are being made? and then need to be escalated so high??


The problem is complaints in the Corps are not regarded as they should be. A complaint should be regarded as a chance to learn not throw out teddies.

At squadron level many Sqn Cdrs are not ‘equipped’ or have the time to deal with problems. But 10 minutes sitting down with someone can resolve or stop things escalating.
Wing Staff look upon and treat people who complain with the same disdain they would finding something Fido left in the park, when attached to the bottom of their shoe. Feeling more than slightly aggrieved this then starts to move up the organisation. HQAC fail to deal with it or the person feels that it won’t be recognised and it went to the top. Now we will have HQAC as the top failing to deal with them and treating people as described.

Ignoring or poorly handling a complaint is a sure fire path to disaster. The problem with badly dealt with complaints is they are pebble of ill-will dropped in the pond, the ripples can be felt long after the pebble was dropped. I’ve complained about poor products / service and been sent vouchers and had replacement product and had money returned. Why? So that I have a good impression of the company/product, so a few quid and or getting things replaced which is nice and useful for us, is a small fry, goodwill gesture to that company. And hopefully stops people bad mouthing them.

It is ironic that the MOD (inc HQAC) is full of administrators, and complaints being a largely administrative process, it is a mystery they cause such problems that changing the commission held by people complaining was the only thing they could possibly do. I must buy a 300 ton steam hammer to shell my peanuts, as this is what they have done.


So May this year then, another volunteer will sadly go. I wonder if HQAC are noticing an upwards trend…


No and they won’t care.
It might just be the thing needed to close a squadron. lose cadets and staff and cut some costs.


Whatever you decide, do not let this statement guide you.

If the RAFAC is stressing you out, then walk away. What happens to your Sqn, the staff, and the cadets is the RAFACs problem, not yours.

If it does fold, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you did your bit to keep it open, then concentrate on getting better!


What I was getting at is if through the way things are going if more and more people feel like IKWIA and just leave, it’s making the job of cutting the Corps easier.
Most squadrons are on a knife edge wrt staff, so if one or more leave in this way, squadrons can quickly become non-viable.

In business I think it’s referred to as natural wastage, rather than having to stump up redundancy money.


Ah I wasn’t stating I was leaving in May, I was referring to 1993. Should have made that clearer.


You have both hit the nail on the head. My initial comment was aimed at the inordinate amount of time effort and money that has been spent apparently to solve a problem - the growing number and escalation of complaints. Changing the commission type and moving the process in house will not of itself reduce the number of complaints and solve the problem. The issue, as you have both identified is ensuring that the processes meet the requirements of both the individuals involved and the organisation that they contribute to. This will never be an easy circle to square as the ingrained assumption of any military based system is that the higher up the tree you are the greater the wisdom you have. If it were only so…but, if all the staffing effort had been put to addressing the real issue , the complaints process,we may have moved closer to a solution