VR(T) Commission Change


Have they got rid of time served Wing Commander now for contingent commanders?


I believe so.


Always found that odd. Especially when they are run by a Wing Commander at HQAC level when the numbers would suggest they should be treated like a region and given a Group Captain. Made for a very top heavy organisation


Time served promotion to Wg Cdr is still very much in JSP313, but again, that’s something that I believe will be abolished. It just takes longer in a tri-service organisation.

That said, it’s not necessarily inappropriate for the commanding officer of a CCF of 400+ cadets to be a Wing Commander - compare that to the size of some ATC wings…

I’m sure Wg Cdr CCF would be delighted to be a Gp Capt - but remember the CCF(RAF) is (in a complicated way I can’t summarize in a sentence) ‘part of the Army’ as well as part of the RAFAC. You’re right that we are effectively the size of a region.


We were briefed at Area level earlier this year that there will be no more time served promotions to Wg Cdr. JSP313 may still have it in but it’s unlikely that it’ll be invoked in the future.


It’s ok. RC (N) has just confirmed he made a mistake and everyone will be rank RAFAC.


I think he can also be forgiven, I appreciate his honesty


Just to confirm, as I’ve seen the bader confirmation; it will be rank name RAFAC for all uniformed ranks


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I wonder if I could use the post nominal in all of my corispondance as RAFVRT (Retd) instead of RAFAC?
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Probably RAFVR(T) (Remvd)


You know T you may have something there :rofl:


RAFVR (Ret’d)


I wonder if that is official, or has someone at HQAC just decided?


I’m glad somebody else remembers reading that as well.
I thought I was losing my mind for a moment.


Well, why should you be any different?


Is it just me or is there still a lack of a published warrant (and commission wording)? If it was signed and is now in force I don’t see why they can’t release it, unless it doesn’t actually exist yet and they’re hoping no one notices…?


The question was asked a week or so ago.reply was mod have not given permission to release it see ask the team CFC on SharePoint


I was checking I’d not missed an update as frankly it’s disgusting and arguably contrary to general public law principles that the MOD haven’t released it now its in force. The only explanation I can think is that it’s not actually finished yet/signed off but they didn’t want to delay implementation again as some civil servant didn’t want to lose face.


I wonder what the new officers got in the tube they are holding in the picture with the CAC where they are all pointing to the new rank slides :slight_smile:


Ahh but which way round are things being done.
Is it HQAC / AFB getting ahead of themselves OR the MoD being stroppy.

My money would be on the former.