VR(T) Commission Change


Anyone seen any rank insignia yet?


We do. But dual commissioned today.


Of course! Silly me!


Indeed. How could anyone be confused? The comms have been fantastic


I have. Just trying to decide which one goes best with MTP. Decisions, decision…


I have just seen a friend on Facebook post that the implementation has been put back two weeks to the 15 Dec.

Anybody here heard this?


We do the new commission will come into force on the 00:01hrs on the 2 Dec 17.
The letter stating this has disappeared of the scrolling announcements on SharePoint. See me above.


An MTP slide clearly


Your new CFC commission came into effect today (1 Dec) and takes immediate precedence over the VRT commission, which will be retired at 00:01 - 2 Dec 2017.


But we’re not being issued MTP slides… :wink:


Got to love the Wedgwood stitching on the dark blue slide.


OMG they are huge.

You should post that on the ‘ask the team’ bit on Bader and ask RCN if he thinks they are too big!


Now that it’s in do you really think they answer anything.as I see a number of posts made on twitter asking CAC about warrant and other things and she’s not answered


They are certainly larger than my existing ones!


Radio Silence as nobody has a clue what’s happening … #Farce


(Cynic mode on
{Can anybody point to something in the regulations or currently available documentation on SharePoint or even a social media announcement that the CFC has actually been stood up. }
Cynic mode off)


that alone explains that one. if we’re not issued No3 is there any obiligation to issue us a rank slide. I know the SNCOs have it easier but we might as well claim they are not issuing us Pilot grow bags even though we’re not pilots.


Thats a fair point. However as a Flt Lt, I had the option of buying a metre of braid for a couple of quid, and making my own rank (unbacked) rank slides. Simple, cheap, and useable in any forms of dress.

Now, because of the embroidery, if I want spare sets we have to pay out about £5 per pair. If we don’t, we will have to wear blue backed sliders with greens, which looks gash.

Given that DPM/MTP is now required dress during fieldcraft and skill at arms, I don’t think it would be too much to ask to find the money for an extra set per person - OG backed sliders would be better than nothing!


RC(N) has replied to a few questions on the CFC page on SharePoint.
Answers were a little short and to the point.


You can sense his frustration there as well. In many ways I feel sorry for the chap as he seems to be trying but is being hamstrung by idiots at the MOD not pulling their finger out of allowing him to release info.