VR(T) Commission Change


Which randomly (being issued this month after the Oct update) still refers to VGS VRT?!? Coupled with no bashing of any kind being sent to the VGSs makes even more confusing as to whats goung on.


The dreadful new gilt pins are filtering out - they are on Sqns in my sector along with the new SNCO rank slides. I’ve yet to collect mine as I was visiting a neighboring Sqn last night.

The new pins are just as bad as the photo I saw last week. I will not wear them - so what, I don’t get to wear No1s, pffft, they’re my personal property, not issued, so I’ll only wear them if I feel like it.


Surely if people don’t like the new slides they could wear the gilt RAFAC pins on standard braid? Even if its just on Squadron where there won’t be anyone to complain


Saw these in the wild on Sunday at the Bands competition.

Also, there were some officers with their variants on - a comment from my assistant on the day was that yes, they assumed it was a regiment officer until they got quite close.


The slides aren’t too bad, but could have been better - the pins are gopping.


The pins in the photo look like they came out of a particularly cheap Christmas cracker…


As the toy, or as the bad joke?


Who the hell designed those pins? A blind, drunk monkey?


The pins are a very bad joke, they look even worse in your hand…


I preordered the ‘extras’ I (and one of my officers) thought we’d need from Cadet Direct in advance of the official ones coming: more jumper blue (GPJ, raincoat etc) and MTP. They’ve come as a mixture of smaller and larger writing. I gather from the above discussion the larger writing is on the issued ones? (I’ve not had any yet…)

Where does that leave me, given I ordered from the Approved Supplier?


A silly boy. A you could come back to cadet direct and rise an issue. Or B. Take the hit as RAFAC stated folks should not buy.

I’ve a feeling that cadet direct went ahead when name change came out printed their own then RAFAC made their specs known cadet direct started getting rid of their ones



And to think, my WingCo looked startled and offended when he asked me if I was going into uniform and I didn’t even hesitate before saying “no”.

With such a [REMOVED] going on is it any wonder people get put off?


12 hours before the launch of the new commission and the Warrant has still not been published. WTH are MOD doing? I seriously hope their lawyers are jumping up and down on this (but won’t hold my breath) .


I do not understand the apparent reticence to publish new regulations in advance so that they exist from the moment of implementation. They can have an “effective date” (even if we defer it) and supersede the prior regulations from that date but it would allow everybody to be prepared.


I think this is down to HQAC and RC N there is no good reason why Uniform and other ACP are not published by now


The ACF have already issued new Regulations (Draft)


So apart from a tweet saying chatting to the newby officers that should graduate with the new CFC its all very quite… Welcome to December :slight_smile:


Entered into the brave new world with a whimper. Congrats on the new commission everyone. Let me know if you know the details of it, the legal authority for it or the terms and conditions we’ve accepted.


I thought we all retired tonight?