VR(T) Commission Change


They got the VR commission as the CFC ones weren’t ready. (Squadron colleague was on the course). They are entitled to both as already gazetted VR(T)


I don’t know about that for once. If they did it early without permission from MOD then MOD would have been all over them like that rash I caught in Ibiza.


It is obvious that we have people who have not got the same book, let alone page.


Assuming all Cadet Forces officers are gazetted on 1 Dec to this new Commission, the next issue will be a big one…


But muh “leadership”


Oooh can that get used next time someone criticises someone on an AFI or the committee inspection.

Well CAC said … and as she put it on social media it must be the SOP.


I think I’m going to join the young people on social media, and then spend every waking moment bombarding her with adverts for holidays on South Georgia…


Just seen the wire RAFAC badges on sharepoint. I read somewhere that we’re allowed to wear these on No1 as well as No5. At least the letters are clear on the wire versionIMG_20171211_232910


Otherwise known as General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBE. Ex Royal Hussars, former Director of UK Special Forces and Colonel Commandant of the Army Air Corps. Retired in August, cadets in for a treat if he’s joined the local AEF.


LONDON GAZETTE TODAY anyone got a link to it on.line I can’t find it


those look terrible!

Saw the RAFAC pins yesterday and they look ok, not great but better than the wire ones. Oh and they have clasps on the back not split pins.


The part that really annoys me is that the edge of the badge doesn’t line up with the seams on the lapel


dress regulations don’t apply to KRH Officers, or indeed Generals. ergo a General cannot, by definition, be incorrectly dressed.

dress regulations do of course apply to RAF 1 stars and above, this is because being RAF Officers they don’t have the kind of family or backround that would enable them to dress themselves appropriately, and therefore they have to be given instructions…


So the new AP1919A is now on Sharepoint…


It is indeed.

lots of questions?

Why are chaplains in the SCC and ACF commissioned and not in the ATC? So much for all being the same.

Does it also say we keep our VRT commissions or am I miss reading it? Schedule 3. Lawyer speak Grr

Who are the VCC?


Does anyone have a copy of the old royal warrant?


If you read the warrant, it also seems to revoke itself…

“and that Our Warrant dated 22nd March 2017 is revoked”


I read that as meaning they created a warrant in March in preparation for the changeover, and this new one replaces that.


I read it the same as @pEp . Though they kept the March one secret!


Anyone else noticed the Warrant came into force on 1st November not 1st December?