VR(T) Commission Change


2 Days left no sight of Royal Warrant, no sight of new dress regs etc and in NI no new rank slides … Must be due knighted next


Why ere SNCOs not issued same as officers ie MTP, Blue etc slides


MTP ones aren’t being issued. They have to be purchased!
So SNCOs will get light blue and dark blue ones, same as Officers


Why would they be? The plan reflects the practice of the parent service.


Nope, the SNCOs will get two pairs of the same colour. Their rank slides are embroidered similar to the current Staff Cadet slides. No need for separate wedgewood and BG backing.


And why is there no need clealy.there is for officers . No offence but given we are claimed to all be one no more VR T or ATC but all RAFAC and officers I understand will be issued with MTP slides etc or can but them why not SNCOs I mean even CIs wear them and we are in fact all civilians very soon


Previously only Junior officers would have backing material to match the uniform of the day, no offices wore the OG Braid, so why should SNCOs where MTP rank slides…


Can you imagine an officer rank slide with the embroidery directly on it? It’d look worse the what we’ve got now. Officers are following the precedent set by the RAF Regt with an embroidered backing. NCOs are following the precedent set by Regt NCOs, plus staff cadets and the old instructor cadets, of embroidering directly onto the slide.

And no, most officers (excluding those associated with SATTs or JL) won’t be issued MTP-backed slides. They’ll have to buy those, as they are not issued MTP.


I presume you’re a SNCO/WO - in which case I don’t see why you’re complaining. Officers will get a pair for Wedgwoods, a pair for the jumper, and that’s it. They have to wear those on any other uniform as well, unless they want to shell out for others - can you imagine Wedgwood Slides on MTP?

SNCOs/WOs, meanwhile, will get slides that can be worn on any and all uniforms, as they won’t have to match the uniform. This means you won’t have to buy any more.

It’s clear who has the better deal.


It actually means I’ll be stiffed out of around 5 pairs of rank slides as they won’t be issued as a 1:1 replacement and I really cannot be scunnered switching slides between garments. I guess I’ll need to buy some more.


Only if you want to avoid having to swap them around all the time…

I do get your point, I agree that a bit more though could be given to the issue numbers. A bit more thought could’ve been given to the whole process, tbh.


Why buy more are you not being lazy not removing and then replacing it save you money


It saves time and it prevents mishaps if absent-mindedly forgetting to swap thing over. It also allows for slides to be pinned in place on some garments to prevent them from rising on the epaulette and looking stupid.

Not lazy - just better prepared.


I for one will not be buying aditional rank slides. I will be wearing my jumper slides on MTP. RC (N) has agreed to this on the ask the team page on SharePoint.
If they are making changes like this they should manage it properly. Today I can wear braid as issued.Next week i will be have braid on blue backing on my MTP.


CFC update on SharePoint

It is happening I RAFVR commissions will cease to apply on 00:01 Hrs on the 2 Dec 17. Shame the shoulder titles for No1s and 5s have yet to turn up. WexO said when questioned that you will have to take of VRT pins and leave nothing on the uniform.


Oh dear. Another WExO making up policy. Surprised they didn’t tweet about it first!


“Ceasing to apply” is not “ceasing to exist”…


Wasn’t that update from the 17 October?


New IBN is out

Not sure if you’ve seen it



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