VR(T) Commission Change


Got my two sets of rank slides yesterday. Man they are big.


See told you so, I will upload Flt Lt later


It will avoid them riding high, I think it looks smart, as the rank isn’t covered by the pin.


Doesn’t got to the top of the epaulet and they are much wider, they will rise up all the time. Also they make the epaulet stand up above the shirt.


According to CAC on twitter the Warrant has been signed. Full steam ahead


In fairness, the effect is emphasised with it being FS crowned chevrons. By far the biggest will be full Royal Arms crest, with the title below.

What, did you miss that top tip from FS ATF about using a safety-pin on the underside of the slide/epaulette to prevent runaway rank-slides?

Shouldn’t do. Pull 'em tighter, before administering the velcro. It’s probably what CAS has to do, almost every morning…


Last time I looked there was no Velcro on a shirt.:wink:


Has this information been disseminated officially through the appropriate channels? Sharepoint? IBN?

No, I thought not.

It now appears that the official channel of communication within the Corps is Faceblock and Titter.


Has it … Has she … no evidence on her twitter feed that i can see?


It was in a reply to a query. I find I discover more info when I look at her replies to other people than what she says herself.


Ahhhh ok … fair enough


Slightly miffed that we need to ask for it to be put on Bader. I’m not going to ask as they should provide that info themselves.

Also, how is it revised wording when it never existed before? Have they simply changed the ATC Warrant as if so how does that work for a single cadet forces commission across all services (or even for RAFAC in the CCF)?


The Twit Queen should be telling her HQ staff to put a copy on Bader, preferably accessible from the front page, not telling us to ask for it to happen. Dissemination via witter grips my …


It’s ok, we’ll work it all out somehow…

Perhaps we should ditch ‘Venture Adventure’ and adopt this as our new motto.




If this is the future of the corps; dictats on twitter, policy by Facebook. I fear for the future of this wonderful organisation.


[quote=“the_silverback, post:2126, topic:2647, full:true”]If this is the future of the corps; dictats on twitter, policy by Facebook. I fear for the future of this wonderful organisation.
The worrying thing is “next year will try and get a media team there to tweet throughout” you can see this being the model.


I note the question has been asked on ask the team the reply is (RC N) has started it will be put.on bader once Auth is given to do so by MOD so CAC can’t agree or does not know what’s going on ffs


How does she keep her job?


This is one of the main issues around this!! Information from CAC on Twitter that gets rescinded when put out officially!
I am sure CAC wants this put to bed and her tweets reflect this! But please, please do it through the correct channels. Chain of Command works both ways!!!
2 days left to the can being kicked down the road again!