VR(T) Commission Change


They are certainly larger than my existing ones!


Radio Silence as nobody has a clue what’s happening … #Farce


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{Can anybody point to something in the regulations or currently available documentation on SharePoint or even a social media announcement that the CFC has actually been stood up. }
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that alone explains that one. if we’re not issued No3 is there any obiligation to issue us a rank slide. I know the SNCOs have it easier but we might as well claim they are not issuing us Pilot grow bags even though we’re not pilots.


Thats a fair point. However as a Flt Lt, I had the option of buying a metre of braid for a couple of quid, and making my own rank (unbacked) rank slides. Simple, cheap, and useable in any forms of dress.

Now, because of the embroidery, if I want spare sets we have to pay out about £5 per pair. If we don’t, we will have to wear blue backed sliders with greens, which looks gash.

Given that DPM/MTP is now required dress during fieldcraft and skill at arms, I don’t think it would be too much to ask to find the money for an extra set per person - OG backed sliders would be better than nothing!


RC(N) has replied to a few questions on the CFC page on SharePoint.
Answers were a little short and to the point.


You can sense his frustration there as well. In many ways I feel sorry for the chap as he seems to be trying but is being hamstrung by idiots at the MOD not pulling their finger out of allowing him to release info.


Absolutely! I fear he’s being made the mouthpiece for the everyday ineptitude of MOD - and he appears as impressed with their dithering as the rest of us!


If you got them from the approved supplier, then wear them. If anyone complains about them, tell them that you got them from the approved supplier.


If you didn’t say you did anyway!!


At least there is a permanent member of staff that now has similar growing frustrations as the volunteer, I bet he’s glad he put his hand up to take RAFAC point on the CFC


Given there’s currently no sight of royal warrant and no sight of the order removing VR T does this mean officers can refuse to wear RAFAC and retain powers etc as a VRT I mean if I told my wing commander I had done a RA for shooting he not take my word


Exactly what I did.


I have to keep wearing VRT as do many others as the new slides haven’t turned up!


You’re lucky :wink:


VRT powers?


We have received a handful of the pins in our wing… not enough to go round.


Why of course!

The power of V x R over T = The power of chaos, confusion and general discombobulation!

(We take our lead from HQAC!)


Clairvoyance, telepathy, Soothsaying, 2nd site, ESP

Have you not see the documentary The Men who Stare at Goats


Given his background, I doubt what he’s experiencing now is any different to his previous appointments and deployments!!! It’s just a new set of people with the same old problems!