Volunteer Software Development Team - New Cadet Portal


Thanks for the update - it sounds like lots of positive progress.
Just out of interest, how were the beta test squadrons picked? Is there a mix of large/small, well-staffed and struggling?


We asked the Regional Commandants to nominate two Squadrons each which is how the initial twelve were identified :+1:


Couple of things I missed:

  • We are getting a Cadet Portal Bader SharePoint site on new SPOL for official comms purposes. I have held off because I want to do it on SPOL rather than old Sharepoint. My Sharepoint skillz are pretty lame at the best of times and SPOL is easier than the older version. We are just waiting for the migration to finish then we will build something…I might call it the Cadet Portal Portal (I crack myself up).

  • We are currently mocking up a Drill and Ceremonial page for uniform, drill, parades, ceremonial stuff. We have decided that (1) drill and so forth doesn’t really feature in PTS and (2) that sort of thing is really important part of cadets lives, having a dedicated page is warranted. The videos that I am hoping the SNCO community are going to make will be embedded there.

Very early mock up:


Check your inbox!


Great stuff James, what is going to be included in the Welfare page?


It is basically about what a cadet should do if they have any queries or concerns about anything, how they should approach a CFAV, what happens if they do and sign posts them to different sources of information and support including Sqn Chaplains and external agencies.

I can’t show you the exact content as the HQ SMEs haven’t seen a live demo of how we have implemented what they supplied to us - they need to be happy with what we have done first (which I think they will be).


This any use :rofl:



Presumably we’d know by now if our squadron had been selected for the beta?

I was hopeful we might be able to put a bid in, as we were one of the squadrons who had a custom-built cadet portal before the GDPR restrictions came in!


Yea, your OC would have been notified by me. The Regional Commandants selected the units, not us - don’t shoot the messenger!


Don’t worry, I don’t blame you! :wink:

I’ll just look forward to the official release. We’re super excited about the features you’ve built, and to get back to an efficient admin process!!



In your last video that you posted on Facebook, the video was of a right salute at the halt, but the title was LEFT salute at the halt.
Just an FYI :blush:


Ooo good spot! That’s my fault as I did that part of the code - must have copied the wrong bit of text out of the spreadsheet. Will sense check them today and update.

Full update on here to follow - I will probably update this thread less often as we have the SPOL site now and I will post regular news updates on there.


Any way you can email a link to first class drill test video?


I’ve only seen the screen shot, but it appears that they’re just the videos from the most recent RAF Drill DVD?


Correct - baby steps!

The Senior WO Cadre have been asked to provide us with some video content and they are working on this at the moment. I have asked them for content that focuses on the basics to begin with like how to iron your beret, press your shoes and all of that sort of stuff.


As facetious as this may be, ironing the beret can sometimes be useful!


I wouldn’t know, I am an officer and therefore insist on wearing the issued one with the massive piece of cardboard on the inside and horrendous issued badge which I most definitely have not ironed :wink:



Sounds like a respectable chap like yourself needs to invest in a Snaith’s silk lined beret. Love mine.


Ha! …actually I need to re-invest as mine has turned a bit grey/green with use.


Absolutely… I should make clear that my comment wasn’t a criticism of the Cadet Portal - it was to direct AlexCorbin towards the DVD for the videos he asked for.