Volunteer Software Development Team - New Cadet Portal


Hi All,

I am just waiting for approval to share my latest update briefing slides which I will upload to the new Cadet Portal SharePoint site (RAFAC HQ --> HQAC Sub Sites --> Cadet Portal) in due course.

Highlights include:

  • Events module work is pretty much there for non-bid and bidded events - some tidying up to do but nothing too bad
  • Squadron Downloads nearly there - guestimate we will have something pushed to dev next week or so
  • Training programme nearly there - as above
  • Load balancing of the application on the infrastructure complete
  • Drill videos, such as they are (818) added and a new mechanism for maintaining documents and videos added in the code - which even numpties like me can manage
  • Training dashboard is now sorted alphabetically
  • New ‘Qualifications & Awards (All)’ tile added to the training dashboard and menu updated - this is the catch all for all quals and awards the cadets have done
  • Various bug fixes and formatting improvements
  • New crest :wink:
  • Hard copy packs going to the 12 beta Sqns next week sometime
  • Beta Sqns now have an MS Teams group to communicate with VSDT directly
  • New Cadet Portal SPOL site

Everything is going really well and looking positive!



I thought there was something bespoke …i was just being nosey!


*Badge :wink:





Hi James,

I’m sure it’s been covered elsewhere and that any planned releases are subject to change but could you advise on:

  1. New Events/Activities roll out?
  2. Cdt Portal roll out to non Beta Sqns?

Many thanks.



Having read through all the posts I would like to ask two questions.

Will any changes to the cadets NoK details, especially mobile phone numbers and email addresses be notified to the Sqn staff?

Will there be a “Report Abuse” button on the sites that cadets can access (such as the CEOP button)?


They don’t want to give a date simply because they don’t want to create false expectations, but it should be soon


funny - that sounds a lot like 2FTS…:wink:


Nothing can be rolled out until SMS is updated…

So watch out for comms from the Bader HQ Team for an SMS Upgrade :smiley:


Statutory 2 weeks ooa inbound for SMS when they balls it up?


Hi there,

Lots of questions to go through today which is good!

The SMS update is progressing really well but I won’t be nailed down to any particular date. The sequence of events will be:

  1. SMS update rolled to everyone with the CP functionality available so you can play with it and get to know what the process will be
  2. Beta will start and we will act accordingly. During this time, I suspect, the automated account generation stuff will be completed on SMS so when we begin deployment of CP, that will be available so the accounts get generated automatically.
  3. We will begin deployment of CP across the rest of the Corps in a very cautious manner - no big bangs. This will probably be on a Wing by Wing basis to begin with and we might speed up if it is proved we are not overwhelming the infrastructure.
  4. CP deployment completes to all ATC Sqns

Yes. The cadets will be able to change the data but staff will be notified through SMS.

We are also looking at notifying the parent/guardian in question via email and maybe SMS text (if we can get that kind of service from the MOD).

There is a whole page dedicated to Welfare and Support on Cadet Portal which has content written by ACOS Support SMEs specifically for this purpose:

That be fighting talk! How very dare you :wink:

I am very clear on when and what we are doing and believe me, things are progressing at pace. There is a pipeline to release of Cadet Portal as outlined above and at the moment, we are on track for delivery.

(I do appreciate the continued scepticism)

Again, that’s not necessary. SMS development and release has always been very good and the SharePoint migration aside, the Bader team deliver an awful lot with an extremely limited resource.


Can we select a new name and abbreviation for this project perhaps?
“CP” already has various, often conflicting, uses.


Is there any sort of timescale for the roll-out?

Not a pinned-down, we want to hold you to it sort of timescale but a rough idea? Are we talking a week per wing or a month?


To be honest, we called it that be at the beginning because it’s what it is - but open to suggestion!

Beta is hopefully end of Q1 / beginning of Q2. Ish.


We could just not abbreviate it?


I meant more the main roll-out?


Is it realistic that I will be using cadet portal on my Sqn as the “every day” method by end of 2019?

An answer to that is good enough for me to plan.


That does seem to be the intention. Yes.


I really hope so.
I’m getting fed up with numerous facebook posts with application forms getting lost in the noise.


Will there be a visible button on all cadet visible pages to take them to this page?