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I look forward to the beta test :slight_smile:

On the subject of addresses, a fair few of my cadets don’t have an address that conforms to the mandatory fields we already have. Things like “The Bothy, Auchterturra, IV99 1QZ” which is actually a mile from Auchterturra and up an unlisted track, but the postie knows where it is.


Is there going to be an alert (either immediate or daily/weekly) when a cadet changes something? Otherwise it could be a while before a change made by a cadet is noticed.


That’s what we are looking at in January when we all get together. Alerts, notifications, SMS text messaging etc etc. More to follow.


Please not text messaging - I have enough Air Cadets invading my private life without receiving texts at all hours of the day alerting me that Cadet Bloggs has just promoted himself to CWO


Think you’re looking at that the wrong way around. I think SMS functionality would be more about alerting cadets when you do something than vice versa.


We are more thinking about text messages to parents/guardians/carers with “Your Cadet has been selected for XYZ event which takes place on…” or “Your Cadet has updated your NOK details from x to y l” etc etc …rather than texts to staff…


I run a system at my squadron, where cadets can’t sign up for anything without submitting TG Forms, and if the event has an associated cost a deposit.

When we had sign up sheets, we had cadets signing up for everything and then dropping out the parade night before as they were going to see their grandparents etc.

Will Squadrons be able to set every event to being a selection/approval process based on the submission of forms, or are you suggesting a culture change with increased trust? (I’m open to either, as if we still demand TG forms pre event we don’t reduce the Sqn admin burden)


There will be two types of events:

(1) Events where bids are not required and the cadet is automatically given a place - so this would be your Remembrance Parade scenario where you want them all on parade.

(2) Single or multi Sqn events that do require a bidding process which will be events that have a limited availability and you want to give the cadets a slot, put them on reserve or tell them they don’t have a place.

In the latter example, the decision about who gets what can be on whatever criteria you like. So if you want to wait until you have completed consent forms or completed consent forms + fees/costs, and only after you have those things before you confirm your place, Cadet Portal and new SMS Events module will cater for that scenario :+1:


It’s gone quiet…
What’s the latest update?

Has testing begun at Sqn level?
Is there an ETA for Corps roll out.

At my Sqn we have started to gear our ways of working towards supporting this so as much info as possible please.


It’s reliant on the new SharePoint environment to be deployed properly for Sqn testing if I remember correctly. So I’m guessing they are waiting for the migration to finish properly first.


They posted on Facebook the other day that they were preparing information packs and briefings for each test squadron. So for the time being just wait until they have results from the test squadrons.


And it stated that the Beta test was 8 weeks, so I’m not expecting a corps-wide roll out for at least 3 months


What’s Facebook?


The official communications medium of the RAFAC


So true.
…If only we had a comms platform available to us all? Like email or SharePoint…

Oh wait


I thought that was Twitter after all we pay £90.000 I’m sure for our lead on it


Hi Chaps,

Proper update to follow! Currently up my neck in baby puke and bottles.



Welcome along to the wonderful world of parenthood! I have 5…plus the cadets haha


Hi All,

Quick update on where we are:

  • MoD/RAF Penetration and Security testing has been completed and it all went really well - one very minor corrective action which has already been addressed
  • The Downloads page has now been created as we have the SPOL annon links to all of the various documents like AP1358C, forms etc etc. There are some issues with some of the documents as they are not currently on RAFAC Key Documents (like AP818) and controlled by the iHub. We don’t want to put any annon links into Cadet Portal that are not being actvely managed by the iHub. We are working on those.
  • Useful links modules have been added to things like the PTS pages - so in Aviation, there are things like links to ACTO 31 etc etc. We have added decent descriptions that we hope are cadet-friendly for each of the files.
  • Welfare and Support page has been created in its initial form and we are working with the content provider on what we have done so far - basically it is a ‘what to do if you want to speak to someone’ piece and the content looks good
  • Command Board has renamed my team to Volunteer Software Development Team (VSDT) to ensure there is no confusion with other development teams assigned to RAFAC HQ.
  • 12 Beta Squadrons have been identified and we are in the middle of sorting out information packs (both hard copy and electronic) for those Squadrons which will be communicated shortly.
  • I attended the WWO / Senior WO Cadre Conference at RAF Wittering on 12 Jan to present CP and ask for their assistance in producing some drill/ceremonial/uniform maintenance video content aimed at Junior Cadets to be hosted on the system - went well and was really good fun. For those that were there who are reading this, the gauntlet has been laid down!
  • We have made some changes to the home page so it now displays a “My Events” area which shows all of the Events the cadets has put their name down for and a “Updated Events” area for Events that have been changed in the last 7 days.
  • SMS development on the new Events module and the wider work is going well and things are really starting to come together - this work has to be done for the Beta to start.
  • VSDT had a working weekend at Cranwell on 11-13 Jan which was really successful and we got a lot of the ‘business’ side of things done. We looked at notifications and announcements and identified a way ahead for all of that stuff.

In terms of our current development sprint, this is what we are doing at the moment:

  • Adding in site notifications for the selection status for bidded events
  • Completing the Welfare and Support page
  • Adding the Training Programme page and functionality - this has involved SMS changes as well
  • Adding the Squadron Downloads area to the Downloads page - this has involved SMS changes as well
  • Updating the Download links to include the things that are missing like 818 etc - there is more to this than meets the eye as we have to get he iHub to agree to manage the document before we can get the link sorted out and the coding done
  • Profile editing as per the Command Board decision about what a cadet can and cannot edit
  • Finishing prep for Beta

Right, think that’s about it for now!