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I’ve just watched the video and I’ve been following this thread for a while now. From the perspective of a Cadet Sergeant, this looks absolutely brilliant. The software looks intuitive, clean and fresh too.

One thing I’d add to each event is whether transport has been arranged or whether the cadet would have to organise it themselves, seeing as that may be a reason that an OC may retract a certain event, but if cadets have the ability to confirm that they’ll make their own way there, especially for more senior cadets like myself, then why not make that event available to them?

Also would there be a way to appoint a person to contact for the event, so that we know who to contact in case something goes wrong and we need to talk to staff that are controlling the event.

Finally would there be a cutoff date to retracting your interest to attend an event? I can see it as rather troublesome if 20 cadets sign up for something then the night before 12 pull out.

I’ll send you a pm soon regarding some other things as James is busy right now, but overall this looks great! Well done guys


How do you know if staff entering the data in SMS have cocked it up currently?


With regards to cadets amending some details directly, I suppose it makes sense for their personal phone, “known as” and email addresses but I’d hope that it does not include NoK (or other contact details). We would need to ensure proper separation of “cadet” contact details and “family” contract details, and the 3822A isn’t doing a great job of making that distinction.

I also wonder what we can to to discourage nonsense or offensive data being added. On balance I would still prefer to handle requests for changes personally rather than allow cadets to make their own modifications.


Someone has just made the point to me, would it be possible to do things like mandatory training through the portal? So for example the Mandatory Climate DVD, could it be set up so that they can view that through the portal in their own time.


Discussing this last week - there is a desire to bring the Climatic injury (and other mandatory) training from Ultilearn and put it into SMS. From there we will be able to highlight whether or not personnel have done mandatory training required for event attendance.

This isn’t MVP, but it is very much on the list.


We might be able to do that. At the same time, if they update their Known as to #throbber it will only be funny until a member of staff spots it on their record!


Is there a chance of a cadet of the month system being implemented for squadrons? Obviously not in the MVP but if set activities and classifications award a certain number of points, this could be registered on a monthly table and provide details of how well an individual cadet is doing.

This could also help with things such as Cadet/NCO/Sqn of the year by providing a direct points system that is fair amongst the whole corps during Squadron/Wing/Region/Corps competitions

Separately, will there be a facilitation to register Jack Petchey, LLC and Mayors Cadet awards (and other special commendations). Leading on could a cadet view their “Cadet CV” from the Portal


Thanks for the positive feedback - we want it it to be as intuitive as possible

Absolutely - we will be allowing squadrons to indicate the transport plans (or lack thereof)

As above - we definitely ave this on our plans for the SMS side of activities

We’ve been thinking about this. Ultimately we can’t stop people pulling out after the deadline - even if the cadet can’t drop out on CP, they will just not turn up. We are looking how we can track late drop-outs so that OCs can get a picture of behavior and make sure there is some jeopardy.


There has been discussion about a flight points/cadet of the month system, but it will be a long way off - partly because of needing to be so flexible to accommodate the many varied ways people might do it

Yes - they will be registered in SMS and then we will be displaying absolutely every qualifiation and award in CP


The point I am trying to make is…
At the minute staff enter data on SMS, therefore staff and therefore CO is responsible and liable.
Cadets enter data potentially changing it whenever they like as many times as they like.
Who is responsible and liable?

Think not being able to contact NOK in an emergency lawsuit.

In answer to someone who asked.
How do I know if staff make a mistake. I don’t. But if it comes to light I can use the audit function of SMS to find out who did then provide training to help it not happen again.


Will that functionality be limited to the OC? I can’t comment on other units but if that was the case on mine the cadets won’t be seeing a lot of those activities purely because he forgets, our Adj manages most of that sort of stuff.


What If an under 18 cadet changes their home address because they have had an argument with parents? Then goes home with another relative who happens not to be allowed contact normally? Think divorced parents situation.

SURELY only the legal guardian of a cadet has the right to change these sorts of details.

The legal disaster if something were to happen doesn’t bear thinking about.
Let alone cadet safety.


Can we have clarification on exactly which fields the cadet would be expected to have the ability to change independently? I suspect that home address is not one of them.


Since in most Squadrons all that would happen when a Cadet moved is that they would walk into the office and go “Sir, I’ve moved to XYZ address” and the Adj would make the change I can’t see how lettting the Cadet do it via the portal is any different. Except for the fact that with the portal a Cadet might actually make the change.

I feel like you are looking for problems where there are none.


i counter that argument with how the question much attention do you pay to the current situation??

i have been on 7 Squadrons in my time and not once asked for ID from a parent or guardian checking they are the appropriate or responsible adult to take the Cadet home.

If the Cadet recognises the adult (which in cases I know of have been older brothers, sisters or even cousins) that is enough for me.

perhaps I am slack, and setting myself up for a fall but then so are the 30+ Staff I have worked alongside on those 7 Squadrons


perhaps the argument is not permission is sought, but a notification is offered in the same style as Facebook

“Cpl Jones has edited their profile”

if it happens too frequently it can be questioned, but if a promotion or badge ceremony occurs an OC can expect half a dozen notifications without having to acknowledge them…


What happens if they just go home with the same relative without bothering to change their address? I feel you may just be looking for problems…


I am looking for problems… obviously!

When a new system is going to be brought in you want to have found all the problems first!

What do people want? A load of ‘yes men’ sycophants?


Yes exactly what they want, no Doubting Thomas’ allowed.

We live in an age where, especially IT and electronic tech types look for a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist in the hope they’ll convince people there was a problem and in the commercial world, try and get people to pay £100s if not £1000s. Also training courses for the sake of training courses on things people are duped into thinking they need to pay good money for.


Btw I’m not involved in this project.
I’m just the end users supervisor!