Volunteer Software Development Team - New Cadet Portal


A little too much wild speculation at this stage of the proceedings.


No, but constructive criticism rather than just “what if the Martians invade” would probably be more helpful.


Having been involved in some software projects over the years at work it’s the unlikely things you try and think of, otherwise the situation as described happens and everyone tries to play catch up. This is fine at work as you have people employed to sort things out, but in the ATC where IT projects are done on the cheap not so, as it takes longer to do or can’t be done because of outside factors.


To be absolutely honest, that bit hasn’t been worked through. It is likely to be role based (maybe even tied to Activity Create permission) - but that would need the OC to assign that role to other members of their staff team


@Teflon Agree - and I see it often in my professional career.

I’m not sure it occurs in this case; the progeny of us developing CP comes from HQ RAFAC seeing a wealth of unofficial apps including MySquadron, SqnBox, WordPress sites, private file shares, slack groups, Facebook groups (open and closed). All of these mean that sensitive info, be it personal data, movement info etc. are all living on “someone else’s server”. It was from this environment that the people that formed the VDT more or less begged to be given a shot to produce an ATC wide tool linked directly to SMS.

I know you’re not convinced of it’s need. And that’s 100% your prerogative. We though truly believe that this will help our cadets get the very best they can from their time with the RAFAC, whilst simultaneously reducing some of the admin strain on CFAVs and freeing them up to get involved in the fun parts of volunteering and taking part in the events we organise, instead of being stuck administering them.


@mikellee @james_elliott

I’d like to say that it’s great to see a group actively seeking and appearing to genuinely act to address the opinions, suggestions, and concerns of the Corps’ membership.

The way you’ve both approached comments by the users here right throughout this thread has been incredibly refreshing!

The product looks great so far and I look forward to seeing it in action and its future development.


We agree - and that’s why we’re moving slowly and doing our best to engage early. We can’t speak to every member of staff, or every cadet. And with 900+ units out there we won’t do things exactly the way that everybody does it. But we are listening. We might not agree with everything, and we definitely won’t act on everything, but this forum has already moved the needle on something once and I’m sure it will again.


It’s a nice suggestion - and everyone’s comments so far are giving us something to dwell on.

What I will say is that notifications are only valuable if they have some “call to action”, and that the call to action is compelling enough for somebody to do something. If something just pops up and then is routinely ignored, did it add any value? This is especially true the bigger the unit and the more notifications!


Re the displaying of a list of names of cadets that have signed up for an event : Is this at squadron level, or across all units that have cadets attending?

My reason for asking is that my understanding of GDPR is that data should only be used for the minimum purpose necessary to achieve an aim. It’s not necessary for a cadet to know which friends (or perhaps those they don’t want to associate with), are signed up to an event.
It also reveals the whereabouts of individual cadets at a given date/ time to anyone with access to that event record .


Bit of at tangent from this thread, but could you expand on this?


This happens with SMS.
A group of us do things and as far as I’m aware anyone from the invited squadrons can see who is doing what and when and many Wing events on SMS require cadet and staff names pre the event, so with all invited that means everyone can see, if they want to.
GDPR applies to all of us not just cadets.
I don’t tend to put cadets on until after the event, as they are the ones who actually did it … less admin!!


A question.

Say I have cadets sign up electronically, without looking at this tihing or trawling through SMS or the cadets saying something how do I know?
Currently we put a sheet on the wall cadets put their name down and we can then manage the paperwork required and keep reminding them.


You go to the new events functionality that is being added to SMS. There you can see/select who is going/wants to go.


Which completely defeats the point of the system… if a cadet doesn’t turn up on the day, they can easily be removed from the system via a mobile device at the activity


Same as with a sign-up sheet, to find out what’s on it you look at it.


Wing has installed screens (approx 30", I think) in every sqn, attached to a raspberry pi linked into the WiFi. When on, they cycle through all the upcoming events the wing has, or any bits of cadet-relevant news, along with some words on eligibility and who to contact.
How useful the cadets actually find it, is debatable.


We’d looked at doing that in our Wing but decided it wasn’t worth it.


It does sound like a bit of a waste of money, given the cadet portal…




It seems like a waste of money, regardless of the portal.