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IBN 23-2012: Bader Volunteer Portal and Admin Portal Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Release

This was published to SharePoint yesterday, and the deployment runs region by region between the 10 - 30 August.

This is the Minimum Viable Product being released and additional features will come online in future, for reference the MVP documentation is available on the Bader Hub here - Volunteer Portal MVP | Admin Portal MVP

There are screenshots in the IBN so you can see how it will look, Bader Officers have access to the Pre Production environment so you could reach out to yours for a sneak peak of if you have any questions ahead of your region release.

Exciting times, we now have electronic joining process & electronic HR!


Looks really good and I can see how it can scale quickly from here.

The only bit that worries me is the additional “Unit Files” area for staff. We already have Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams for files, so I can’t see any use cases for uploading staff-only files to Volunteer Portal.

Finally the Bader we were promised in the early 2000s!


So these will be the same files that you have uploaded via SMS to allow access by cadets in Cadet Portal, if I recall correctly.

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This was my understanding too. It means if you’ve uploaded the likes of a training program or squadron contact list or what ever then staff will be able to see that too, the same as the cadets?

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That makes sense. In my head there was the option to make some files “cadets only” and some files “staff only” and it was the latter that worried me. Not sure why that was my understanding as I can’t find any reference to it now…

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To be fair, even if that is the case I do still agree with it. There are a lot of staff in this organisation that struggle with technology, and that’s fine. Having a simple file sharing system built into VP may be much easier for them to use than SPOL or OneDrive. In theory, someone not massively involved with the org (turns up a couple times a month) would then only really need to worry about logging into VP and their mail (plus Moodle when it’s done) and from those two should be able to get almost all they need!

Just me thinking out loud, and none of that is based on fact :stuck_out_tongue:

Exciting times ahead!

Happy to answer any questions you have about VP/AP! Remember, this is just the initial release and more functionality will be added over time.

If you would like a demo, contact your local Bader Officer who has access to pre-prod and they can show you how it all works.

Quick question. Now that transfers are done via VP, what’s the deal with wing rules about already having permissions etc before the paperwork went in? If I’ve spoken to both OCs is that it or can wing’s still make you have a meeting with your sector commander first etc

Obviously I know you should speak to both OCs first, as most would have, but I’m sure some wings will still want to put there own measures in place as per normal.

Transfers won’t be in the initial release of VP but that functionality will follow fairly shortly afterwards. So nothing to worry about at the moment until we get that out there - carry on with existing process.

When it is released, I suspect that any transfers currently in the system can continue on the paper-approach but any new ones will be required through VP.

@james_elliott With the tracking of Mandated Training being part of the MVP, will there be any notifications (email?) regarding training coming up for renewal?

Just had this from the Scouts which was a surprise to receive. :joy:


Great idea if not

This is awesome! Much better than a snotty email from WHQ saying you’ve been out of date for a month and now have to stop everything until you get up to date!


This needs to be stamped out.

If it’s a rule from HQAC, there is nothing to add, or take away from it.

If a wing feels they need to add or remove a step, they should contact the relevant sme or dept head at HQAC to request a change.
That’s how best practice develops. That and stable corps wide processes are maintained.

Wings are there only to follow HQAC guidance and rules.


This! A thousand times! But, it’s across the board, not just transfers. Every Wing does the same thing differently, regardless of the rules from HQAC. Insert process / activity / whatever, I will guarantee you it is different in every Wing.


Ref mandatory training.
It is absolutely essential that Sqn OCs and Adjs can see the mandatory training status of all sqn staff.

Will this be available via VP? Or UNITS?

We have no way at present of tracking the ever increasing list of mandatory training required.

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From my understanding, VP will be all about the person who’s logging in. VP will be for looking at/changing/apply for things to do with you.

Units will be more akin to SMS where you can see things going on RE your unit. So as an OC this is where you’d go to see mandatory training and the like.

This is only AFAIK and may be wrong. I’m sure @themajor can correct me if that’s the case :smiley:

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That’s my understanding also.

My point is that we need a way to see who has completed what, so we as OCs can follow this up and support where needed.

At present that means me searching all my staff records to keep a check.
Not admin friendly.

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This image is also a good explainer I guess. Under units it’s got “unit management performed by CFAVs”. I can only assume that within there it will be nice and easy to see who needs what and when things are in/out of date. There is also reports which I have no real clue about, but sounds like a good way of reporting who’s got what.

I do agree with what you’re saying. We currently have a printed out version of the ACTO99 list on the wall at the squadron with the list of staff and the dates of each currency.


Who knows.

But we need it ASAP.