VA already being curbed!

Forthcoming Week long AT and staff told no VA… :flushed:

What was the reason given? AT is a core activity, so surely should be okay?

Totally agree, but Region COS has said no

Will this be the start of staff backing away from activities as they can’t use VA to ameliorate any kickback from the domestic CoS?


If you’re happy to share it would be interesting to know what Region?

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Challenge it. Policy still says it’s eligible, no formal Comms elsewhere to say VA is to be restricted.


I’d cancel it, send a letter to all the parents saying what and providing the Regional Commandants email to direct any complaints to.


CC in the CRAFAC as well, as anything to the RC and RCoS will be stopped there.

What full time staff and those on FTRS don’t appreciate is that they are paid on a contract, and their income, expenses and equipment are dealt with, whereas CFAVs, in many cases provide their own and more importantly being a CFAV is time-consuming, on top of their day employment. This can be cost intensive, taking them away from their families during evenings and weekends and now paying for the privilege.

As I said up thread, the Domestic CoS may start to have a very negative view, and they didn’t volunteer for the RAFAC.


Not yet….

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Keep you all posted when more is known in the next few days


It’ll be south west region. It’s always south west region, and I’ve heard similar from other people where whilst the commandant has said “i can’t cut VA”, in effect his staff are doing it by saying no to people.


Id challenge to the RC directly CCing every one in with screen grabs of the policy in ACP300 challenging it.


What’s the reasoning behind them saying no? Have they bothered providing any justification?

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The problem is our policy gives no expectation for VA. It’s very much a ‘at the discretion of the CoC’. It’s just always been that certain activities are a given…

Dear Region COS,

(c.c. RAFAC HQ)

As you have refused to authorise VA (no policy or protocol in place for this) for a core activity, please be advised that the CFAVs are unable to balance personal circumstances against RAFAC activities; the event will be cancelled & all parental enquiries will be directed to you.

Love & kisses…


This is the same as what we are hearing elsewhere. RCs limiting what can be claimed and therefore limiting VA.

North Region told people attending a 7 day camp can only claim 5 days and that was in October.

I suspect as the RCs run the organisation and the commandant appears powerless to challenge them this will just continue.

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Is it not limited to 5 days in ACP300? Other than the camp com who got to claim extra to take over the camp. I cannot remember ever getting the full 7 days?

I can accept that there are budget constraints and that there might have to be less VA. Less VA would probably mean fewer activities for cadets but that’s the consequence of the budget decision.

What I find outrageous is the expectation that CFAVs should keep delivering the same camps and events, dealing with the same (or likely even more) admin and bureaucracy but for a worse deal. 5 days out of 7 is completely disingenuous. Why are we expected to take the financial pain but still keep delivering? Yet again, appalling volunteer management.


Has the CRAFAC issued an OCO to the RCs and RCoS telling them to limit VA?

The RCs are there forever, but the CRAFAC is time-limited.

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