USAF staff in RAFAC

If a UK based member of the USAF were to join, what do they do about uniform, use their own?

Wear of foreign uniform (foreign to them) is illegal.

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I’d lean towards Service Instructor type role… But may need looking into.

We’ve had them as CivCom and as Visiting lecturers previously, but couldn’t commit to a long term instructor type role, so never pushed the buttons for anything more.

ACP 20 PI102 is your source here

Wearing of foreign uniform is only illegal if a non citizen wears it…

A USAF member can wear the uniform. If they are serving.

This is a wexo question, not sure about service instructors from allied nations

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All CFAVs must…

  1. Have leave to remain (settle) in the UK.

  2. Meet RAF vetting

  3. Must have resided in the UK for the preceding 3 years.

  4. A DBS must be possible. If they cannot get one due one of the above then they cannot be a CFAV.

Service instructor would be the likely route.

Edit. Actually unsure. On reading acp20 it is not clear.
Maybe CI as a maximum.

They would have to hold BPSS to be a CFAV.

That means signing the UK Official Secrets Act.
Doubtful they would be willing.

Very good point that just made me delete what I was about to say :rofl:

Do Service Instructors require BPSS, if they already have their own SC? I recon a USAF member could become a Service Instructor if HQAC okayed it!

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It’s all about what I wrote in my first post…

Read ACP 20 PI 102.

Have they leave to remain… I.e live here permanently regardless of employment and have they been in the UK for 3 or more years.

Yes to both of those then it’s a maybe.

No then it’s a no.

@Katesdad… with all your previous queries about getting into uniform…
Have you joined the USAF and hope to use that to become a SI with us? :rofl::joy:

If so. That’s hard core determination!

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No, I’m retired USAF. After 23 years in (Vietnam to Desert Storm), there’s no way in hell I’d rejoin.

Besides, like RAFAC, USAF would say I’m too old. Asking for another retiree, who has leave to remain, current UK enhanced DBS with work, and necesary residency.

Retired US Air Force are encouraged to wear uniform for things like cadets.


Best thing is to get the Sqn oc to ask your wexo.
Definitive answer then.


I would guess that if retired they would say CI but with Uniform allowed in the appropriate circumstances as it is with retired UK personnel. (Dinners, Remembrance Parades etc)

I wish I had a retired US service personnel… Someone in my social network to actually talk about NFL too!

You’ve got your hand-egg thread :wink:

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Yeah it’s different f2f… None of my friends want to go to the games!

Yes. We had an Australian on an exchange and she was allowed to wear her own uniform. But im sure they would be told this in their interview.

Don’t forget that RAFAC uniform is legally civilian uniform and not the uniform of a foreign force.

Try telling some redneck judge in Arkansas that.


You sure on that…

Isnt it a military uniform, worn by civilians.
The only difference is the addition of “RAFAC”.


Never seen it written anywhere though. Interesting question.