Unreal 'AWO' rankslide (King's Crown): will CWO >really< convert to Tudor?

In your own time, at the target ahead, carry on…

However: the same supplier does appear also to have stocks of similarly-updated CWO slides…

Perhaps I’m just late to this topic, and everyone else knows what’s already been decided upon (despite inescapably-massive stocks of ‘traditional’ Queen’s Crown CWO Staff Cadet rankslides). We’ve already had unlegended QC CWO slides, “Instructor Cadet” QC CWO as well…this would be a 4th-gen rankslide.

And did somebody at the back say “Flight Sgt”?

EDIT- note the ‘single eyebrow’ AIRCADETS…yes, it does look horrid (appropriately, for a now-fictional rankslide combo)

What in the name of Tax Avoidance is going on here?

Multiple companies that have renamed away from “embroidery” and related, and/have that or related as their SIC, multiple that at some time referenced “cmyk”, multiple accounting businesses…

What utterly low quality designs. I’d be asking to see the credentials of anyone I saw wearing these for suspicion of them not being entitled to do so.

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Absolutely awful.Flavour of the month if this months flavour is yuck

Although I do notice that the crown on the gov.uk website has changed too!

Someone forgot to press the space bar between Air and Cadets #AIRCADETS


It’s slowly happening across the board, I’ve just order a new hat at work so that I have a spare before they get changed.

A former colleague was at a palace garden party a couple of days ago; they’ve even updated the cakes!


Well I would hope the cakes were made more recently than last May…

Can’t be guaranteed with the spending cuts we’ve all witnessed…

it looks so……… wrong

I mean, the issue ones look wrong anyway, but yes.

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Why don’t CWOs use the real WO rank slide, especially as it’ll have “staff cadet” beneath.

The ACF do and it looks weird making a fake emblem for the most senior cadet rank.

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Because Adult WO’s are very protectionist and wouldn’t push for that through the dress standards committee even if they could, many even like to pretend that the correct term of address for a CWO is Cadet Warrant Officer instead of Warrant Officer despite the “Cadet” big being dropped from every other Cadet NCO rank.


Never did understand that.

It was clearly written in the ACP back in the day.

And the adult warrant officers should remember that, unless they were a retired WO themselves, they were also denied the actual badge of rank until very recently.

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I’ve never heard of Cadet Warrant Officers being addressed as simply “Warrant Officer”… it’s not a thing around here.

It really would be helpful if this sort of thing was written down somewhere.

Only in the ATC as CCF have had no age restriction on rank.

The rank insignia is real but historic, as it’s still a WO1 insignia. I think from an army point of view, infantry used the crown on its own while corps used the crown with wreaths.

I think the whole “not calling CWOs” as Warrant Officer came about when adult FS & Adult Sgt were introduced & people over thought things again.

It always was, very clearly in the ACP.

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It was written very clearly in the old ACP31

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But even if not, logic clearly dictates that the same naming convention would carry on through.

And the weirdest thing for staff who say “but how would you know the difference?” Is that it’s obvious.

A non-cadet warrant officer is called “sir / ma’am” or Mr x / Mrs x, depending on gender if more junior.

The cadet warrant officer is the only one called “warrant officer”!

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