Unit identifying badges


Afternoon all,

We have been without a replen of squadron number badges for over a year, meaning that out latest cadets have had to be issued uniform but without badges.

Is it just us?

Out OC has resubmitted our order 4-6 weeks ago, but heard nothing and its getting a bit frustrating.



There was a similar thread here


It’s not just you, we’ve been waiting about 4 months.


I submitted an order for a replen in February and had about 30 turn up the very next month.

Mind you we only have three numbers, so might not have taken as long :wink:.


Ha! Ours is only two so by that logic…


We ordered over 12 months ago…stil eagerly checking the post…


Just an update - we are still waiting!


I think you may find that the production has been halted across the Corps because a few squadron have not informed HQAC that they have received their badges.

May seem stupid but invoices are paid in batches, and until every squadron has responded in each batch, HQAC doesn’t pay the invoice. Makes sense if I owned the company.


Would make more sense for Squadrons to pay for the badges and then claim the money back from HQAC.


That sounds rather like a process who’s design was based on its ‘make work’ qualities…

Order direct, then claim.


I’m close to giving-up on this one. I’ve chased Badger (see what I did there :slight_smile: )and after a number of complaints from other sqns within the Wg our WHQ promised to chase a month or so back; my last hastener didn’t even get a response. Anyone know of a supplier where I could order direct?


Have a read of last months CROs.

Haven’t finished digesting it yet. Unsure if the process has actually changed, or if those who have already submitted need to resubmit



For the amount they would likely cost, I’d rather just pay for them out of funds than go without them


Nice threat if you don’t action the “receipt form” & send back to HQACO:

Failure to submit this Form will not only lead to your Squadron’s details being placed on the ACO Scrolling News and in Cadet Routine Orders as failing to comply with this procedure. It will also lead to the delay of any further orders being placed for other ATC Units until this form is received by Training Ground 7

National shame…& how will your lack of a receipt delay orders from other units?? It’s as if you had mislaid a nuclear bomb!!! Totally out of order. I doubt if you can pin it down on invoices being settled by HQACO in 7 days or so… However, if no-one is getting their badges, not much need for a receipt! :wink:

As far as I can see, It doesn’t specify actions to be taken for lengthy delays. TG7 is listed as the submitting authority, so I suggest all complaints go there!


How is this panning out for people these days? I put an order in a year ago and heard nothing, just put another order in for 100 badges and am eagerly awaiting the delivery!


We bought our own in the end. Official order is still in though.


where did you go for that and what sort of costs are we talking?


Franklins (franklins.co.uk). I recently ordered 100 at £0.55 each + P&P.




Early this year, perhaps before ATC Sunday, we actually received two orders of 50 badges about 6 weeks apart.

Unfortunately the production quality is so poor that half of them are unusable really.