Uniform to weddings/funerals

Thoughts on the wearing of No.1 to your wedding?

All being well, I’m getting married soon; a few folks have asked if I’ll wear No.1’s… What are our thoughts?

My partners reaction was that he rather I didn’t (then very flatteringly qualified it with “I wouldn’t mind if you were in the real RAF…”).

I thought I’d probably go in a three piece suit anyway and hadn’t given it too much thought. But then it made me wonder though.

I have family/friends who have served and some of them even started in the ATC, so for those funerals when one day they come around I wouldn’t hesitate to put it on as a nod to their service. Curiously my partner agrees that funerals for veteran family and friends would be an appropriate time to uniform up… (despite not being real)

What’s the forums feelings?

Been to one Wedding in it, Groom was VR(T) and regular RAF before, and an awful lot of Cadet staff were present in uniform.

Got changed for the evening into a suit mind, very wise move…


I’ve known people who have worn it for there wedding.

I’ve known people have cadets there for a “guard of honour”

Personally I wouldn’t, it feels a bit off in my opinion. But each to there own


If you were both CFAVs then maybe, but otherwise I wouldn’t. I agree on the funeral front. I’ve worn mine once already in that scenario to my old OC’s funeral (from when I was a cadet).


I’d say no. I’ve always found it odd and it would be akin to wearing your neckerchief to your wedding if a scout leader.

If you do and the leave the RAFAC for negative reasons your wedding photos will be a constant reminder.

I think your partner’s reaction is almost spot on as if you were a regular it would be “normal” to have a service wedding.

I’d say, remember it’s a hobby, don’t let it define you.


I got married in RAF uniform in a previous life.


I think so far I am in line with forums feelings on the matter!

Can I wear my No.1’s and a necker? :laughing:



i know some regulars who have and it makes sense, but for a CFAV i think it is a bit walty

i have worn No1s with morning band to two funerals of CFAVs and that felt “normal” and appropriate - much of the attendance were also CFAV in No1s


This would be my thoughts too, I would understand if you were a regular but as a CFAV I find it a bit sad. (I know CFAV who have and it’s always been a bit weird imho).

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Agreed with your partner.

I’ve never understood why people do it, wouldn’t get married in a Scout uniform would you? Ultimately it’s your shout though, your day, so do what you feel is right for you.

Myself and my wife are both Officers, we didn’t consider even for a second that I would be in my air cadet uniform.

I’ve seen people do it before, and I just find it a bit cringe. Personal opinion.


For some reason I find it far less cringe at CFAV funerals etc, I don’t know why because it’s the same principle.

This is the really important bit though.

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Maybe as we would be expected to wear uniform at national remembrance services, so it doesn’t feel unnatural to wear uniform and represent the services in an act of remembrance and respect?


I just don’t get it to wearing your uniform to get married. As described it’s a bit Walter…

When I got married though I wore my miniatures and some CFAVs asked why…
I explained I broke the blasted flowery thing and it was the only thing to hold it in place I could find in a hurray!!


I think it’s a different principle. At a funeral you want to hold onto connections with the deceased. I know scout leaders who would wear their scout uniform to a fellow leaders funeral. When a fellow referee died we all wore our blazers

this is kinda explained by

as funeral is a more “ceremonial” occasion than a wedding it is a better fit.

the only occasions i have worn my NO1s to funerals was for funerals of CFAVs - now I think about it i have done it three times and one had a wake in the local pub which was taken over by us all (somehow it was more fitting we were all in uniform being CFAVs than “civilians” in black suits behaving in the same manner).

to counter the comment about the Scout necker (ie hobby) - I have worn, and is standard practise for RBL members to wear the RBL “uniform” (which does include medals) to a members funeral, but again this is a funeral rather than a wedding so different to the situation the OP is discussing


Only one I’m aware of was Gaz Tonks’s

Wore mine to a wedding I was best man at - Grooms choice (after getting approval) but up to him and his better half on that day.
In theory my big day is in 3 months but I’ll be in a suit - I just don’t want to wear it as I have more in my life than cadets (and I don’t want the focus to be taken away from 'er indoors!)

Wore uniform to 4 funerals in the past. Two ex CFAV’s (one FS who succumbed to cancer whilst still in the org - one ex OC of the sqn I’m current OC of), one ex padre (Sqn and Wing padre) and one cadet.


Only occasion that I have worn my no1s to date was for a CFAVs funeral last year. I agree with the sentiments above but ultimately it’s down to the individual.

If I remember rightly, I think AP1358C says it is encouraged for ceremonial events such as weddings and funerals but I may be corrected on this?

Not encouraged but detailed

  1. Subject to OC Wg / Wg Ex O / Sqn Ldr CCF HQAC approval and current security situations, personnel may wear No 1 SD at private weddings, civil
    partnership registrations and funerals. Prior to the event individuals are to check with their Wg/CCF staff who can liaise with RAFP or MOD Police regarding the
    current security situation