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Where on earth does that figure come from?

A few years ago when I had a little retirement job with the UK’s second biggest airline, we went from having an allowance and buying your own to a supplied set of kit. This consisted of 2 pairs trousers, jacket, six shirts, tie, rank markings and a foul weather coat. With bulk buying they got it down to £70 total.

it was quite good quality and in spite of the label we found everything could be washed in the machine (I never tried the jacket).


Our CIs dress appropriately and I’ve never had occasion to ask them to smarten-up. If we are away as a sqn, they often choose to wear a sqn polo shirt. Unsurprisingly, there is a sense of identity.

CIs shouldn’t be judged on appearance, they should be judged on what they do which, in my experience, is often far more than uniformed CFAVs.


This pretty much describes the CIs on my sqn.They always make a special effort when its Formal Inspection time or if we have visitors. most of the rest of the time you ll find them in sqn polo shirts.


Then I would become “gone”. Being a CI is one reason I chose the ACO over the Sea/Army Cadets.


Ant Middleton
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Beards have been ruined by hipsters. It’s all about the moustache.


The Royal Navy don’t require the use of Respirators. The RAF do require it, having to operate an Airfield in all conditions including CBRN.


I literally linked the source below it.


when are they going to start?


Okay, okay - Calm down Pablo Mason


That wasn’t what I meant. I am quite sure someone came up with that figure and probably someone paid it at some point. What I really meant was it was totally unreasonable.


No1 uniform doesn’t cost £900.

Its around £390-400 depending on what gongs you have. I recently paid £390 for mine.

The Chris Hoy thing probably included the cost of his No1 Hat (with scrambled egg), Gloves and shoes plus ranking and mounting of his MBE and KB and ranking.


A friend at stores estimated No1s come in on average at £600. I did wonder if he got 5s as well though. Carol has 5s.


my 5’s were £550 including ranking.

You can get PW No1’s and 5’s from stores at Cranwell for about £150 a set but you are limited to what they have in stock.

I currently have my old No1’s for sale if any one is interested!!:wink:


Funny that, I work in an environment where I see members of all three Armed Forces, of all ranks, wearing beards.

It seems to be a slow burn, more and more slowly growing a beard and nothing is said.


Depends entirely on their unit, their job, their chain of command, their environment, their facilities, their health reasons, numerous reasons why someone might have a beard. In general Navy don’t need a resi on a ship. The firefighting BA is positive pressure so you don’t need to worry about it as much as a resi.

Wait do you work with the dog section?

Just smear some Vaseline around the rim and you get a decent seal anyway.



Us Civvie CBRN responders have done away with respirators and gone to Powered Respirator Suits, no more mandatory shaving.


Still a rather dubious reason, given that Muslims, Sikhs and people with skin conditions are not - to the best of my knowledge - immune to nerve agents.

If the rule for them is “you might have to shave it off if the CBRN-poo hits the fan” then why can’t it be the rule for everyone?

Barry and Paul Chuckle?


Because it’s SJW kneejerks everywhere. Also why can women have long hair but dudes can’t?

But it’s an interesting point and one that gets discussed all the time, usually when you are in the field and get picked up for not shaving. There’s no shaving in the jungle, or Norway, so why in wales when there is no CBRN threat.

There’s the whole argument about hygiene and discipline too.

Maybe it’s time for the rules to change. They changed for the First World War where everyone had to have a moustache. And then it became optional.

If it wasn’t so fashionable and all the hipsters had ruined it, I would be all for it.


Not much of an argument.


Indeed. The public services use the gas/liquid tight suits. However, how does it effect your shooting? Are you able to hold an aim?
It’s an awfully big bit of kit and makes you a bigger target.

Powered, so you need more batteries and more weight? And limited, how does adverse weather effect it?
Some types require the use of BA inside the suits. Shall we just through on a SCBA set under our top flap too?
Can’t exactly have different stages of donning for different situations with one either.
What’s it like for tabbing in?

Are you able to live in said suits for days on end? Have you not read the NBC drill for taking a dump? And of course the two finger sniff test.