Uniform standards... discuss

Looks like CRAFAC wants to tighten up on shabby uniforms and, IMHO I agree with what she says


I would say the first thing is put us on all the same footing wrt replacement, just demand as we do for cadets and put an age on uniform items including N°1s, so that after x years you get new.

You can’t criticise people when they may be expected to pay for or scrounge it, when you can just go down the road and get new or on your 6 figure salary quite easily afford it.

If I was on £5K to £6K per month nett, I think I could easily afford to buy new every few months and be critical of others, even after paying my bills.

Oh you can - Option B is to not wear it.

I agree with the even footing though. All uniformed staff and cadets should be able to get the same kit through the supply chain. I’d go further and do away with No1SD as well…

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This letter doesn’t say anything new. It’s just the same policy as was brought in after the York Incident.

(Google ‘Fat RAF Officer’ if you don’t know what it was…)

I agree and after shelling out nearly £1000 on new No1 and No5 uniforms, its pretty expensive.

again, I agree that they should put and EoL on No1 uniform as its issue and we do gain/loose weight over our time with the RAFACO. No5’s on the other hand are personal purchase items so I doubt you’ll get an EoL on those.

No2 HD however, can be sourced locally through (cough cough) cadet stores even though we are supposed to buy it.

I know of one Officer who’s blue uniform has now gone grey its that old and his hat looks like its done a thousand bomber missions.

When a good friend of mine was issued his uniform, the first thing he did was wrap 4 elastic bands around the top of the hat. he said it made it look ‘used’. The only thing it made him look like was one of the Luftwaffe!!

I’ve seen that Baldrick. Not a very good representation of a cadet officer!

Option B sounds fine. But I wonder what would get said?

There is also a line where you could bring a discrimination lawsuit. Like the chap in those photos.

Also where do we draw the line. There are a number of large cadets male and female, would they be regarded similarly or would that be us bullying them, bringing down their self esteem etc and lead to parents coming down and or reporting us up the line.

Being fat isn’t a protected characteristic. Unless you’re so large it becomes a recognised disability.

I don’t think its bringing down their self esteem at all. If the uniform doesn’t fit then they should be provided with uniform that does. As long as its not made a big issue then there shouldn’t be any problems.

I’m sure a cadet would rather have a uniform that fits correctly and looks decent rather than one that doesn’t.

i thought i was having a deja vu moment reading it thinking this is word perfect to something i have read before…this is a 2018 reminder of what is expected perhaps rather than in reaction to a late 2017 “york” incident perhaps?

So how do some of the larger ladies I see get away with it, seemingly, when men can’t.

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I would concur with the comments about replacements.

Two years ago the uniform fit however, like a fine wine, I’ve matured well. My uniform less so (to the tune of 4 inches across the waist).

Tailored = cost
New issue = not happening
Waistline shrinkage = not likely

It also isn’t about whether the person is fat, thin, tall, short, squint etc; it is whether the uniform on that person is suited to them and is adequately presentable. It applies to the circumstances of THAT photo, to baggy, ill-fitting kit, to damaged uniform etc.

I’d love to be able to red-flag individual bits of uniform too - there are a few hats I’d like to see consigned to a cupboard for the remainder of existence.

I like my forage cap and you’re not taking it away from me!

It’s like a slipper for the head…

All “forage” caps should be burned as a matter of course, but I was specifically thinking about the faded “cavalry-style” officers’ SD hats that look like they’ve been sat on for 40 years.

I was replying to Teflon’s lawsuit comment. You can’t be discriminated against in the legal sense of the word for just being fat.


Get away with what exactly?

Baldrick can you represent me at my court martial, for not signing the new form?


What happens if the WWO
Looks like a sack tied in the middle??