Uniform Initial Issue - What do I get

Make sure you are wearing a uniform shirt and tie for your MOD90 picture. It will be rejected otherwise and then eventually when you get your MOD90 back they will have cropped the uniform completely out of the picture anyway :rage:

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See ACP20 PI 109


Out of curiosity, because I can’t remember the specifics and haven’t done it for a while, does it specify Wedgewood and tie? If not, I’m wearing my Marcella and bow tie next time.

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Dress. Applicants are to be in uniform. This is defined as Wedgwood blue shirt and black tie without hat. Jackets or pullovers should not be worn.”

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Having been at primary school with descendants of Josiah Wedgwood I was brought up to correct the wrong spelling whenever it’s seen…


I’ve been waiting for my MOD90 for 7 months!! Still no sign of it, even though I jumped through all of their hoops months ago.

Also, I think we should be issued greens. Was issued flying suit, socks, jacket, aircrew tops, boots, gloves, china graph pencil and aircrew cutter in VGS. All required for safe performance of our role. Surely, we should be issued greens if they’re serious about NFCI on the range and exercise areas. Blues aren’t really necessary, unless you’re a drilly or squadron commander.

You will be excommunicated if you continue this ‘no blues’ heresy :exploding_head:


All in favour of being issued greens, even being allowed to buy it from stores would be helpful. But I suspect scrapping working blue would be a step too far for most.

i won’t go as far as excommunicate, but this is an argument which will not go away but also wont happen based on cost.

firstly we have never been issued it, yet have coped for generations. why start issuing it now? the organisation hasn’t fallen over without issued greens, events, activities and opportunities have not stopped without it.
therefore there is little justification for the additional cost incured to provide it.

i for one don’t mind not being issued it, certainly if it means other costs are covered.
why? Well all of my DPM and MTP was FOC to me, either donated by others who bought it, acquired it, friendly regulars who have taken pity on me, or simply pinched a tidy set from Squadron Stores when I needed a replacement.

providing this “loose issue” of No3 dress isn’t clamped down on i can’t see the situation changing without a significant change in attitude

I do think that with the Working Blue short vanishing from RAF regular day to day wear something will eventually have to happen due to lack of stock.

I see there being 4 main options left open to them:

  1. Issue Cadets a Second Light Blue Shirt and allow it to be worn without a tie and sleeves rolled up. (As regularly is done by Cadets on Camp to Gib)

  2. Issue Cadets both short and long sleeved light blue shirts.

  3. Move to Greens for all Uniform.

  4. Issue Greens and Light Blues with Green for working dress and Light Blue for Parades.

I can’t see them going with 3 what with us being their beloved light blue footprint. I think 4 would be seen as too expensive. That leaves us with 1 & 2, either of which would work, yes rolled up sleeves don’t look fantastic, but it’s a working uniform so who really cares and brassards on short sleeves shirts look more gash.

Only 7 months!? I’m now up to 11…

I was pleasantly surprised when mine only took about two weeks

  1. would be nice
  2. would be logical

The reality might end up as something like No2 but with a Sqn polo.

It would be interesting to know the difference in cost between a set of greens - trousers shirt jacket smock and lightweight MVP - and the current issue.

Option 3 would save Cadets cash as they would only need boots not shoes.

I found it odd when I got issued boots, but no MTP. Yet I had to wait half an hour whilst he dug out a small ATC beret badge lapel pin :joy:

You got the boots? I was refused them even though they are on the demand form

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Could have swiped some PCS while they had their back turned…

Issue does seem incredibly hit and miss.

I got Oxfords, my boss was refused.
I was refused brown gloves, my boss got his (I still have my original pair from way back when, so don’t mind).

I got everything that was on the form. From boots to gloves, DMS & Oxfords, GPJ…even the little pin badge.

3 months after OIC and I’m collecting my No1s next week. Although, I’ve heard many say theirs didn’t fit even though it is tailored.

My peak is too big. I am a 58cm in beret and that is my measured size…but my peak is too big. That was another complaint by many.

I had this issue.

Phoned them up and did a swap :+1:

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