Uniform Initial Issue - What do I get

Not according to the government. CTC and BPSS are all part of the SC process. You shouldn’t get an SC if CTC and BPSS are not completed.

Just checked the defence gateway, and my cadet account doesn’t have the right permissions to access the DLF . . .

I might know someone who can, wait out

I’ve got on with another account :slightly_smiling_face:

So the " Clothing - RAF - Entitlements" policy has no mention to RAFAC / CFC commisioned officers, but does mention RAFVR.

It does:
6. Clothing and Accoutrements for RAFVR Training Branch. The procedure for the issue of clothing and equipment to officers and cadets of the RAFVR(T) is contained in AP1919 Regulations for the Air Training Corps

ahh, missed that bit right at the bottom! :joy:

agreed and why the RAFAC is now catching up…

All very well until the duvet technican says ‘you’re not VRT are you, so no issue’.

plus, you try looking up AP1919 . . .

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It’s done at the AFCO stage, and probably wouldn’t be referred to by name. But you’ll have had your ID checked and been asked for references…

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You beat me to it… found AP1919A on sharepoint, but not AP1919.


and then there’s this post in a thread from 4 months ago…

I had that problem, I found a picture of a random person in RAF uniform and photoshopped their shoulders/chest onto my passport photo :rofl:


Another weird rule. Can you even see the shirt in the photo? You can’t tell what I’m wearing in my MOD90 photo (it was a civie polo shirt). Funnily enough it is the face people look at, not the clothes.

My first F1250 photo was rejected as I wasn’t wearing a tie… I sent a new one and the card cropped my collar out anyway!

Having just received my letter from Cranwell, I think I’ll be finding this thread useful all over again :laughing:

Congratulations Sir

Thank you.

Would be interested to see what uniform req for you got…

well the instruction I’ve been given is TG Sup Form 005.

Of course I’ve got a MOD90 application (although can’t see any guidance as to what “passport-quality” photo is acceptable) and haven’t done a BPSS through cadets yet.

Fortunately I already have a MOD90 so will do the cadet paperwork will getting on with trying to get uniform.