Uniform care

Hey guys,

Just sticking together a box of uniform care kit, and was wondering what everyone else has in their kit??

I’ll leave it a while and then put my list up so as not to influence anything.


Big tin of kiwi black (x 2), oxblood and marine blue.
Altberg mod brown polishing kit
Sylvette cloth
Cotton wool
Sewing kit with correct coloured threads
Wonder web
Spray bottle
Thin cotton sheet
Yellow duster
Old tooth brush
Small tin of wd40

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Sapphire valet box for the shoes.

An iron.

Needle and black thread.

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Just Google the valet box… Jesus that’s gucci


After hearing you own a Sapphire Valet box, I reckon we need to see the end product! Very impressive!

Seconded… I’m too scared to deviate from kiwi. Although my dms shoes need to stripping and rebulling so may give it a go with them

It was a Christmas present! :joy::innocent:

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For peaks?

Can’t think of anything else it could be used for. Won’t be any good on my peak though, it’s cloth.

Pace stick hinges and to clean the swords when they come out to play and the officers can’t keep their greasy mits of the pointy bits

Great list Alex,

I have everything in your list as well as…

Lint remover/brush
Duck tape (also for lint removal)
Suede Boot Brush
Double sided tape
And a bar of soap for the trouser seems!!!

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Forgot the trusty soap… To be fair I’ve not opened it for a year now :joy::joy:

Haha fair, whats the marine blue polish for??

Just find it deepens that shine a little bit… Literally a single coat bulled right at the end

3 x £5 airfix kits.

Amazing the shoe shine job a cadet will do for an airfix kit.

Only kiddding…
Jesus. Can feel some reaching to condemn.

But. In all seriousness, Mrs P, bought me a lovely Mess Clutter box this Christmas. Keeps all my stuff just right.

Whats this for?

Had an accident? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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Accidents happen!!

So this probably deserves a whole new topic, but, modifying your uniform…

I’m looking at retrofitting velcro to my temperate mtp shirt cuffs.

I’m also thinking about attaching velcro to the inside of my Stable belt, and a velcro belt through the loops of my no 2s, thus effectively turning it in to a duty belt.

What do u guys think??

What are your favourite kit MODs?

@AlexCorbin twitching yet…


Hahaha Alex, standby standby, I’m going to go take a pic of my beret and post it here.

You’ll love it

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