Ultilearn problems this week

Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with Ultilearn this week?
Whenever I try to open it, it redirects to the Bader homepage.

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I can access it and log in

It did that for me on Wednesday but seemed to be OK yesterday.

According to Barder there are intermittent issues with Ultilearn, specifically to do with running reports and undertaking courses. If you go to www.bader.mod.uk/service-status.html you can see what Bader things are having issues.

There’s always issues with it. Just sometimes worse than others.


Yeah that’s pretty much a perma-notice. Been up ages.

I keep having trouble with the satellite and data comms exam

Ultifail needs sacking off.
As an absolute priority.

When is learn coming?

Updates are few and far between these days.

Im guessing due to the CoCs displeasure with ACC, certain members have been told to cease Comms here.

Interesting CoC don’t like the true sometimes. There are a few vocal individuals who haven’t posted for a while :roll_eyes:

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I’m sure I saw something saying Q1 2022, but I may be wrong.

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Them why did they seem to stop all support for it months ago?

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It will not show that I have completed Security Advice Brief.
When is the replacement coming. We have been told for the last 3 years that Ultilearn is not fit for purpose

As far as I have heard Learn is ready from the RAFAC side. It’s the RAF/MOD holding it up now. I’m not expecting anything on the next six months


Fixed that for you

Stick a 1 in front of that 3 years.

I believe Learn is now waiting for Units to go live prior as there’s some integration between the two. Obviously, that’s still beta in North region at this stage so that needs to press on first.

As for support, the general viewpoint is that the Digital team are finitely resourced, so available effort should be focused on the replacement systems rather than putting sticky plasters all over our legacy systems (SMS and Ultilearn). There’s lots of other firefighting ongoing too which adds further distraction from the nice to have stuff. Frustrating as that is for cadets/volunteers, having recently got involved in the Digital team, I appreciate just how outdated the architecture/code for those legacy systems are.

Progress with learn has been positive since we moved from the JSF to OCI, our accreditation has completed and we have just finalised the production environment build so that we can launch our beta test with Herts & Bucks Wing.

Prior to launching Learn we had to launch Units as this will form the basis for managing enrolments in courses/exams. The beta for Units has been running in North region and we have had some great feedback, with the team making a number of amendments based on feedback. Units will shortly be released to the whole organisation, details to follow via CoC in the coming week, once Units has launched, the beta test for Learn will be conducted so that we can test and adjust in preparation for the organisation wide rollout.

Whilst I appreciate the wait for an Ultilearn replacement has been long and drawn out, that frustration is felt equally by my team as it is elsewhere, when people ask genuine questions about progress, I would encourage that we don’t use our own misinformed frustrations or malcontent when answering people as it only adds to the frustrations and anyone that knows me will know I am always happy to talk things over, provide progress updates and challenge any delayed requests for help where I can.


I wish more dev ops people would use that phrase!


Do we have more information as to how long this trial is intended to run?

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When LEARN does roll out after beta.
Will it have all the exams on from the get go?

Asking purely for a basic planning point of view.

I would rather hold back on ultilearn exams for another month and have it all work in learn and units.

But if its 3 or 6 months away, will need to use ultifail.

Guidance on timeframes and completness on launch of learn appreciated.

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The trial with North region has been running for 4 weeks and will run for another 2 weeks.