UBACS, No1s etc

In simple terms, why are cadets prohibited from using UBACS and also why can’t cadets have No1s or why can’t cadets who formerly were allowed to wear No1s (former lord lieutenant) continue to wear them?
I know APC 1358c prohibits these but why? I could understand UBACS and No1s not being issue kit but why can’t they be an option for private purchase etc.

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Let me respond to that with a question:

When would they wear them? They have no Ceremonial or formal duties requiring it. You can’t have 1 or two cadets on a parade, in a flight, in a different uniform to the rest.

And you can’t wear body armour.

Because cadets don’t need to wear No.1 uniform except in the very rare occasions that they are permitted already, and cadets don’t wear body armour.

UBACS is more comfortable to wear than a standard shirt, regardless whether you put BA over it.

Prohibiting it because cadets don’t wear body armour seems a) silly, and b) akin to banning cadets from wearing rucksacks because cadets don’t fill said rucksack with 7.62 link and 81mm mortar bombs.

Ignore it.

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Even I dislike wearing no1s!

Why worry about what is under outer clothing, as long as the individual is warm, dry and comfortable.

Snug pack, Helly Hansen, etc is not standard but is allowed as long as it is not worn as an outer layer. Ask any JL :clown_face:


Technically the PCS shirt is a UBACS as it was designed to be wearable underneath body armour. I don’t see the issue with cadets wearing an actual UBACs when in the field (and going to/from the field). Soldiers often wear UBACs even when not actually wearing armour so it isn’t exactly a requirement.


The only time I’ve actually seen one being worn was in line at McDonalds.

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I just don’t know when anyone would ever want, or need to wear an UBACS unless they are wearing body armour.

UBACS are a unique mix of a garment that is both an outer layer, (on the arms) and a base layer (on the torso) at the same time. Those qualities mean they are ideal at what they do, but utterly pointless, (and imo walty) for anything else.

For instance, as a base layer, say under another jacket, the arms don’t help. Because you have two sets of bulky arm pockets, and two thick layers. Whereas, as an outer layer, you are essentially wearing just a wicking shirt with thick sleeves. It doesn’t make sense.


It does in hot weather. The sleeves are as thick as they are on the PCS shirt, so that makes it equal in that regard, but the torso section is much more breathable so lets you stay cool a bit easier. In cold weather then there is no advantage.


Inc body armour? Suspect legitimate deployment considering location :’)

I know many a civvy shooter who wear’s one. They have the thickness of the elbows for comfort but are lighter weight around the chest and back so you don’t sweat.

I used to wear a UBAC in the field, it was good for the mornings when it was cold as it had a zipable collar and the big pcs selves, but when I came back from a patrol and it was warmer, I could unzip the collar down to my chest, allowing more ventilation and role the sleeves up.

It was way more comfortable then anything else I wore whilst still being able to provide me with the different levels of protection I needed in variable weather without having to waste time digging into my Bergan to find a new shirt when I was already pressed for time.

At the end of the day as soon as you go out into the field AP1358c goes out the window to a certain extent. It’s better for morale if the troops are wearing what they like. Let Cadets wear what they want to wear in the field (under the standard green kit (Smock & Trousers)) and enforce the regs in barracks.


I used to bait my Wing Weary Officer by taking photos of my SI wearing UBACS at angles where you couldn’t see his blanking plates and then posting them on Social Media. It’s the little things that help get you through the day!


They’re fine provided you remember to cut the sleeves off your smock…


Honestly, they were designed for a specific purpose and we have no need for them.

They shouldn’t be worn as a routine outer layer so the cadet will always have to wear a lightweight jacket or a smock over the top.

That would be stupid under the LW jacket because - as Bladrick says - you’ve then got two identical sets of sleeves. One would be better off wearing a T shirt.

Under the smock no one would notice, but what’s the point? …Better off just wearing a T shirt.

If it’s really hot work and authority is given to ditch LW jackets temporarily then why would anyone want heavy sleeves? …Better off wearing a T shirt.

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FT, particularly with weapons, particularly with blank.

Seen it, done it.

But that’s not an occasion when you’d be permitted to strip down to just T Shirts as “work of limited duration” so it doesn’t apply. Wearing UBACS in that case would simply be against the regs.

I’m talking about, for example, filling sand bags on a scorching day. If it’s hot enough to warrant going to T shirts then sleeves are not likely to be wanted.

The only way one could get away with wearing UBACS is if it’s worn as an underlayer, where it won’t notice - and it’s not a great choice for an underlayer.

Further up you said “No reason for wear as a routine layer”. Ordinarily in hot weather you strip down to t shirt, except in those circumstances you can’t.