TRF question - JL + CCF patch


I don’t think the regs cover this: what would you do if you’re CCF and have JL? Would you put both on? AP1358c merely talk about having max. 2 patches.


ACP1358, p, 152, para. 0441 hasn’t been updated yet.

The Commandant’s intent (referenced in another thread) is clearly for the new Formation Flash for the whole organisation to be worn on the right, with ‘others’ worn on the left. In the absence of any guidance to the contrary, I would suggest that a qualification takes precedence over other identifiers that could be worn on that left sleeve.

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CCF badges are different as the school identifier is required to be on the left blanking plate.

CCF badges are governed by a JSP which in document hierarchy out ranks APs & ACPs.

I would suggest in this instance your school patch would take precedence over the JL badge unless you are acting as a QJL on a course.

Best option - ask your SSI or contingent Cdr.

You might be able to wear both on the same plate but I wouldn’t believe that a qualification would take precedence over required unit identifier.

You may also have a local rule dictated by your DDH (I.e. headteacher) that all cadets in the ccf are easily identified which school they belong to for safety/safeguarding reasons).

@tmmorris might be able to advise & provide greater clarity (& correct me if/where I’m wrong).

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Well… the issue is the word ‘required’. It’s not at all clear what dress regs apply to CCF(RAF) cadets in MTP and as a result every school does it differently. And there’s always the CCF schools who do their own thing.

From the thread above though it does sound like Air Cadets TRF on the right sleeve, school badge on the left would work well. CCF(RAF) cadets should not be wearing any qualification badges in MTP although you do see some (I have seen some this week on camp). Nor should they be wearing the red ‘CADET’ rank tab, although again lots of SSIs issue these to all three sections.

Currently, though, CCF(RAF) CFAVs face contradictory rules - should they wear the purple CCF TRF or the RAF one? And the new TRF doesn’t solve that problem…


Regardless of what any JSP says, I think it would be unreasonable to expect a QJL to remove their JL TRF and replace it with a badge saying what school they go to.

For clarity, we’re not talking about a badge that belongs on the brassard in No. 2 dress (as I have also seen on some CCF cadets’ right blanking plates) but one specifically designed for No. 3 dress and authorised for wear on the left sleeve in ACP1358.

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Just imagining all the QJLs head’s exploding at not being able to constantly show people they’re a QJL :grin:

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Thank you all! I myself am not a JL (Although I hope to be in the coming years), but I was just curious due to the ambiguity if the regs!

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