Transgender adult volunteer


No worries fella. I am sure I could do a decent job of it, show you what uncivil really is, rather than a decent debate of opposing veiws.

But that’s right, just ban people that express a different opinion, that’s the way forward. I used to at least respect the Left for critical thinking and encouraging debate and challengingviews. Now it’s just an echo chamber of weak people needing safe spaces and feeling warm and fuzzy.

Still waiting for a counter to my post, well one that isn’t “you need to move with the times”.


Like these?


I don’t feel the need to counter your argument, since those of us who live in the real world have already moved on.


There has been guidance released for the MOD sponsored Cadet Forces, HQAC has taken from that in the latest update to ACP20


Great argument. Thanks for the debate. As long as we just keep “moving on” with every issue, everything will just magically solve itself and people won’t ever feel like they need answers, or feel like they can question, or debate things, that’s fantastic. It’s not like the medical and pyscological world is still in debate and conflict about it, it’s not like they are experts or anything and that actual transgender people, who some are driven to suicide, can’t get an answer or feel like they are being let down by the medical industry, are left without an answer, as long as everyone just “moves on” that’s just fine. I’m

And what do we tell these transgender people that are forced to feel like they have no option but to transition back? What shall we tell the young kids that don’t know any better getting manipulated into thinking certain ways and eventually driven to suicide later in life because of their young minds being manipulated rather than helped?

Aye that’s great, let’s just ignore every single issue and move on. Because that’s what gets things solved.

This is the very point I was making. I used to respect the left for a good debate, they used to encourage critical thinking, debate, thinking differently, questioning, but now it’s just devolved into an echo chamber of people demanding and preaching about what can and can’t be said or thought, what’s offensive and what’s not, moving the goal posts to suit, and demanding that anyone who so much as dare question them is a xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, racist, misogynist, sexist, ageist, ableist or whatever. Debate, questioning and critical thinking has gone right out the window.

And the regressive left wonder why, Tories won, Brexit won, trump won, Austria has its first right wing political seat since WW2, Merkel has taken a hit, everyone wants out of the EU and right wing political groups in Europe have gained huge popularity? Because the regressive left have become less about real values and more about mud slinging, anti-free speech, anti criticism and preaching about what is offensive and what people can think say or do.


Why do you feel the need to make everything about politics and the left/right. I’m not political at all, but you have assigned me to a section of belief. Can you not respect other people’s views or take on board constructive feedback?


ACP20 has quite a bit on the subject.


It’s quite details and someone who provided it to HQAC has done their homework.


I haven’t received any constructive feedback, all I got was “move on”. No reasoning. No counter, no debate. I am just expected to roll over and not debate my opinions? At least I have an opinion, and am prepared to back the opinion, rather than just “move on”

Maybe we should “move on” about Russia? It’s not the Cold War after all.
Maybe we should “move on” with ISIS, after all it’s not the dark ages.
Maybe we should “move on” with brexit,
Tell you what lets just forget about science too, and we can all just “move on” and just all agree on whatever is fashionable by the left.
Let’s just forget all about debate.


The ATC’s documents and writings pretty much mirror what you see in school. Which isn’t entirely good.

Being a naïve soul when I first started working in school, I asked at an inset when this was being covered, what about the ‘normal’ kids ie
not from a 'broken home’
not on FSM/PP
not SEN
not coloured
identify as heterosexual
and the eyes of all gathered fell upon me as it seemed I had asked the question that no one dared ask. But they went through a raft of measures and concessions for kids who were in minority groupings and left out those who fell into the majority.

From what I’ve seen in school is if you make an issue of it them someone picks up on it and it becomes an issue. Freedom of speech or expression of thoughts on these matters other than just to accept it is strictly verboten. We have kids with two mums (one of which is mixed race), two dads, come out as homosexual and lesbian and you know what in general no one gives a toss or makes anything of it. We also have 3 teachers who are lesbians and 2 homosexuals. It seems the only people who make something of it are they themselves and those who impose unnecessary rules on how to deal with the things. Largely people are too caught up living in and getting on with their own lives to worry about what others do. I dealt with one female teacher who when I first started felt they needed to ‘come out’ to me I believe trying to shock me, with “OK” and left it at that. I stopped short of saying “that’s nice” (ref Fast Show) which I so wanted to, as her line was unnecessary, but thought it may not go down well.

I’ve had a few chats with kids in my form who pass comments and what I’ve found is they feel frustrated that they get punished if they say or do something and think it is wrong that they can’t speak about it or ask questions of those who identify in whichever way in case it upsets them. Children are naturally inquisitive and like to ask questions and one of the worst things you can do is stifle that, which is what the guidance documentation does. When you stifle questioning and debate with a “you have to accept it” and punishment if not, either by imposition of rules or legislation, then you create problems. It is completely natural to be questioning / not immediately accepting (or how you may want to phrase it) of something new to you, to not allow people to dislike things as they don’t understand it or in a completely irrational way is what nurtures and causes ‘phobic’ tendencies as they feel threatend. Which I think society as a whole needs to learn.

We always answered our kids questions as honestly as we could in language we felt was appropriate and calling things by their proper names, which kids being kids they came out with things from time to time which raised a few eyebrows. But they were well informed!!!



The law of the land accepts that people can be Transgender and that we need to accept that (Human rights act anyone.)

That is what affects us as an organisation, anything beyond that doesn’t matter to us hence why no one chooses to debate with you.

You are obsessed with some self defined battle between left and right, which as a person who defines himself as a Thatcherist I find hilarious.

Now do us all a favour and crawl back under your rock, or failing that say something to get banned and give us all a welcome break.


No one is saying anything about the law? You have once again just completely missed the point and are again just insisting I “move on” I want debate, I want you to tell me why I am wrong, I want you to answer my previous posts, I have questions, I want to engage in debate.

And I think you will find the medical world is very much still in debate about the cause, effect, treatment and long lasting effect and the correlation of mental health with transgenderism.

But wait! Hold the press! A few people that find it uncomfortable to talk about stuff want to demand that it’s all offensive and we can’t speak about any issues ever because somewhere there’s someone (usually a millennial) getting offended and upset.

I don’t give a damn what anyone does in their free time to their body, to an extent, that doesn’t cause harm. What I do give a damn about is getting kids involved who are too young, too naive, easily manipulated and don’t know any better.

You have literally ignored 3 of my posts, and 1 of someone else’s posts, and all for the sum total of “that’s the way it is move on” or “it’s the law?!”.

Mint. Absolute classic example of what I was saying. And attack the arguer not the argument. Brilliant.

Here’s the inside scoop, real life doesn’t do “safe spaces” and you dont get “breaks” from real life. You can’t just wish away the things you disagree with.


Oh no! Not the gay agenda!! :joy:

In real life there are charities which act as support networks and therefore act as a safe place for people who are LGBT, with disabilities etc… And most large companies have network groups which, in turn, act the same So I guess you got that wrong too?


would have to agree here


Working for a large company there are ‘interest’ groups for golf and fishing and number of other ‘groups’ who have a common link/interest and that’s where the homosexuals and lesbians fit in, they raise awareness and promote activities, but speaking generally no one other than them get involved. They’re not ‘safe places’ to hide away. The homosexual/lesbian groups have tried to put things forward to try and give them more ‘rights’ but each time the company refers them to the equality rules which are pretty all encompassing and these measures are discussed and agreed in conjunction with the unions.
In general people get on with their jobs as that’s what they paid and contracted to do and as long as that’s what they do it’s all fine. Anyone expecting special treatment with the exception of pregnant women, disabled or with a debilitating injury, gets nothing. The canteen has veggie options but that’s for commercial reasons only.


Gay has nothing to do with it. But when you affect kids with hormones and damaging irreversible practises before their bodies or minds have matured enough is child abuse.
And what is stopping a parent from pushing the kid into something they want not the child.

When I was a kid I wanted a lot of things and didn’t understand much of the world. I am sure my mum has a picture of me walking about in her high heels does that mean I am a closet transgender? Does it chuff. It’s just what kids do. I equally did it in my dads boots.

That’s because universities aren’t the real world. And just because you are in a “safe space” doesn’t mean the danger or real life goes away. And let’s face it, a “safe space” is just an echo chamber for these liberals to just sit around and cry.
The left used to be about challenging opinions. Now it’s just all about everyone repeating and spewing their same the rhetoric back at each other. Still waiting btw, you address some of my argument, but only the bit you thought you can twist.


Why should they have “more” rights? Surely they should have the same rights as everyone else.

That’s equality isn’t it?



They should have the same rights as everyone else… But they don’t…

An example would be the blood donations… Men who engage is sexual activity with other men have to be celibate for 12 months for their blood to be accepted. Even though the blood gets screened anyway.
That doesn’t happen for heterosexual people.

It’ll be great when we live in a world where colour, sexuality, gender etc does not matter at all and everyone just gets on. But we are far from that world - I mean, look at the new President-Elect and his recent campaign… :rolling_eyes:


Name a right they don’t have?

Oh wow, a blood donation programme taking on precautions because of a statistical risk. And actually I am sure you are wrong, i am sure you can’t have had unprotected sex for a certain amount of time regardless of sexuality.
I haven’t been able to give blood the several times I have done it, mainly because of the countries I have worked in, does that mean I have been discriminated against? No. It’s a statistical risk.

By it doesn’t matter. The only people that make it matter are the liberals.

And yea, what about the campaign? At least he had one, unlike Clinton who’s whole campaign was “at least I am not trump”.
Or are you talking about the huge knee jerk reaction to his often misquoted statements?

What about the wall Kenya is already building between it and Somalia to help control immigration? Don’t see many of you liberals kicking off and making a big fuss about that or crying.


I realise we have drifted from the original topic slightly, but please stop trying to bring up politics in everything. This isn’t about who you support, it’s about whether a transgender adult volunteer would be accepted.

Stick to that please.