Transgender adult volunteer


I know. A bit like the, “I’m not a racist but…”

Obviously GHE2 isn’t a racist so don’t get any panties in a knot people.


“I like gay people as long as I don’t know that they’re gay”


No it doesn’t.

It’s a disputed issue, that effects less than 1% of the UK population.

Just because someone disagrees with it, doesn’t mean they are wrong. Christ, pantomimes are now considered offensive for god sake. When will you liberals wake up and start living in the real world.

I couldn’t care less if someone does whatever they like to themselves. What I disagree with is he normalisation of it, or involving children into it.

But there is only 2 biological genders. Gender is not a social construct. Transgender is a social construct.
Amphibians evolved the ability in certain groups to change sex in a same sex environment to ensure continuation of the gene pool.
Humans did not evolve this trait. Humans evolved for a male and a female to mate and continue the gene pool.

If humans had evolved as amphibians with the ability to change sex, then you could argue that gender is a social construct. But it’s not.
Transgender is still disputed in the medical world, there’s still a lot of research to be done. There is an increasing number of transgenders who have transitioned, who transition back and are disputing that transgender is a medical condition at all, rather than a pyscological one.

Just because a topic is found sensitive by a small number of people, doesn’t mean we can’t talk, ask questions or debate about it. Want people to understand? Give them the ability to talk, question and debate. People can not and will not agree on everything. Nor will ramming it down people’s throats and calling people bigots or whatever. That’s why brexit won, that’s why trump win, that’s why politics in Europe is taking a huge boost in popularity to right wing groups.
Normal ordinary people who were in the centre aren’t getting listened to, are fed up of being told what to think, what to say or what’s offensive. That’s why the regressive left has taken a huge blow this year.

To the original poster, I couldn’t care if you identify as the opposite sex, or an attack helicopter. I care if you are a good instructor, role model and person. That’s what matters.


He’s quoting a line I’ve heard from comedy sketches / stand ups (including some alternative / leftie luvvies) which on reading is how I took it. Probably not something to say out loud in some quarters, but I don’t think many of the LGBT population would take offence and in most instances ignore it. Some that we know would play up to it and embarrass whoever said it and put them in their place, I’ve watched them do it and I felt sorry for the poor blokes who said what they did as they didn’t quite know how to react to what happened.

I don’t quite know where some of the people on here live or what TV etc they watch, but I find it very difficult to be offended, but then I was a chubby, bespectacled child and went through a torrent of bullying and general name calling etc as a child when the attitude wasn’t as it is now wrt bullying so you had to learn to ignore it or go under.

The line “I’m not a racist, but …” applies to all NIMBYs. I like the notion of nuclear power stations but I wouldn’t want to live near one, I like the idea of HS rail, housing estates and new roads but I don’t want them near me.

As RAS suggests having people of all race, religion, creed and persuasions in the organisation can only be good for the organisation, as long as they are in it for the right reasons and they and or the SLT don’t try to play on it (which I wouldn’t trust the latter not to), as it breaks down the perceptions from the outside and be role models for similarly ‘minded’ kids. It’s not what you are, think or say, it’s what you do that is important. People say things for effect (I remember he reaction when Johnny Rotten swore in a prime time interview and the homosexual and lesbian kisses) just to see how far people can be pushed. I remember when swearing on TV was a late night only, but now after people pushed the boundaries it’s commonplace on TV and in films many rated for young teens and almost acceptable on TV anytime of the day. I remember Saturday Night Fever was given an X because it had swearing in it, which was a real draw to us young teenagers to see.


Wait, are you saying that you don’t want to live near black people? Or is it gay people you don’t want in your ‘back yard’?


I’m sorry to sound offensive, but until there is genuine equality in the corps then I do see an issue with how we define cadets ie Male or Female.

Sports teams - at Squadron Wing, Region, Corps level are split Male and Female. ACPs are gender specific, APs are gender specific, activities are gender specific, accomodation is gender specific.

It’s not about the views of staff either, its about the views of everyone involved. 17 year old male identifies as female - are the cadets, the parents, the carers etc happy with said cadet sharing accommodation and ablutions with 12 year old female cadets?

Until HQAC publishes clear guidance on such issues we are in a very grey area. No where on any form in the ACO have I seen the question “Self Identified Gender” yet every form asks for Gender.


I think any such guidance needs to be cadet force wide and really needs to be in JSP 814. We have no real guidance in the ACF either.


Guidance doesn’t really exist anywhere. We don’t have guidance like that at work and as soon as you introduce parental views and so on into the equation it would get very messy very quickly. I imagine local govt would have guidance documents.

Deny things and you get one group, allow it and another group getting vocal and it will in the desire to show equality the former will get their way if they are of the minority grouping. When you see a news item that people of a religious (invariably Christian) deny someone something it gets to waste police and court money and time.


I don’t think he wants to live near radioactive black homosexuals. I think.


Try Defence Gateway and find the Cadet Forces Gender Identify Guidance document dated Sept 2016.


Surely schools will already have policy documents around this subject that the ACO can just steal?


Shhhhhh that kind of common sense isn’t allowed round here.

You would have thought they would have taken the Army Cadets Fieldcrsft stuff too. But the old caviar munchers are far too busy and important for that kind of chat.


Typical liberal hipster answer. Ignore the point, ignore the argument, ignore logic and just see what you want to see, twist it and attack the arguer.


But hats what they are.



If somewhere along the line some of the 1% of the population who are a bit confused as to what they are, then it can be dealt with on unit.

But yea, let’s get rid of the gender based teams, let’s have mixed Olympics. Let’s just forget everything, and just merge everything together.

Heres the inside scoop. Men and women are different. SHOCK HORROR.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having male and female teams. Honestly. Absolutely ridiculous post.

I identify as an attack helicopter. I want to sleep and shower with the rest of the attack helicopters.

What is wrong with this generation?

You want true gender equality? Well then, So do I, best we raise those fitness standards for women inline with the male times. But that won’t ever happen.


Well what was his point about NIMBYism and racism then?


All, I think we are getting away from the opening subject here… this was about a Transgender person joining as staff not about guidance/policy information.

The corps policy does leave a lot to be desired and doesn’t really address any real logistical issues that we may face as staff, which could end up making a situation totally horrendous for the people involved. Perhaps it would be more beneficial to have a separate thread and even if BethMc can add some insight to the information/questions people may have or need would be more beneficial to all (if BethMC doesn’t mind?).


It’s that kind of narrow thinking from people of your generation which have kept people in the closet and repressed for years. The psychological damage done to people is apauling and it’s that narrow thinking of “male” and “female” like you stated that more work isn’t done to help those who need to choose.

My grandfather had views on ertain things in life about race. He wouldn’t like today’s societial views on it. Things move on, so should you.


It’s not about moving on. Narrow minded about male and female?! It’s evolutionary science. I literally just made a post about it.

The transgender issue is still under debate and still under scrutiny from the medical community, pyscological community and transgenders themselves. And there’s numerous studies about the pyscological damage transgenders have done to themselves from transitioning. And have transitioned back.

I don’t buy the argument for various reasons I would happy to be debated on. I notice none of you have countered my social construct argument. It’s not about “ignorance” or transphobic or any of that liberal BS.

But just because I disagree with it doesn’t mean I am wrong. And doesn’t mean I can’t accept that they are a good person or instructor.

None of you have actually challeneged me on anything I have said. You have literally just said I am wrong, with no reason. Or that I am outdated or to move on.

That’s the problem with this generation. No one is prepared to debate or engage with anything, you just throug out the “it’s offensive” card and expect everyone to fall to your way of thinking. Real life ain’t like that. And it’s this kind of thinking that gave the left enough of its own rope and trump and be exit and the far right political groups in Europe are gaining in popularity.


Ok. Please be civil to each other and not derail the thread.


We are being civil. Honestly, amount of times I have been banned for trivial stuff is unreal.