Transgender adult volunteer

Hi all,
At the risk of being shot down in flames, I’m going to ask the question- honestly, how welcome would a transgender adult volunteer be in the Cadets?
I’m sure I know the official line, but wanted to get some honest opinions.
Genuine question, I promise I’m not a Walt, journo or troll.
(Admin, feel free to move this if it’s in the wrong place)

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I honestly believe it has no bearing whatsoever, and you would be much welcomed as any other volunteer. I already know of one transgender VR(T) officer in the organisation, and on CI, both of whom, to my knowledge, experience no problems as a result of their gender identity.

Indeed, the ATC has recently released guidance on transgender staff/cadets, helping identify best practice with regard to accommodation, ablutions, etc etc.

Won’t make a difference. As long as your a good instructor and get stuck in.

I’d love to say it’ll be fine. But, I can’t guarantee it! Realistically, it’ll be down to local variation and personalities. We all know what it should be, but there are still “Gene Hunt” characters within the organisation who, whilst becoming more isolated, still exist.

I heard we had at least one already?

I think the more interesting aspect of it would be perhaps finally addressing the blatant sexism in the dress regs.

I think that’s the main bit that we need people who actually want to be there to teach, instruct and help out everything is secondary.
The only thing I would suggest is contacting your local squadron and then discussing any concerns you may have with the CO. cadets are more accepting than people think.

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Does it matter if the cadets know, or the staff? Who really cares?

You are just another male/female (delete as required) instructor to do a job.

Hi all,
Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate you all taking the time to post.
As people have said, my main reason for getting involved is to help out, and hopefully do some good for an organisation that I know has been beneficial to many of my friends.
On a personal note, I’d hope to improve my confidence and learn some new things.
As Big_g suggested, I’m going to try and make contact with some of the local squadrons, and see what reception I get. there is about a dozen within a 15 minute drive of me, so I’m sure I should find one of them welcoming.
Baldrick, I’d be interested to know what you mean about the dress regs- would you be kind enough to elaborate?

I’m sure he/she will be welcomed. I’d hope new members of staff are judged on their technical & leadership ability and their overall contribution to the ACO.

On a positive note (what with all of the negative stuff with no gliding and move to plastic commissions etc), it’ll be exciting to see how things work out now that we have Brexit and President Trump. Life is good after all! I hope post-Brexit Britain establishes a much more intimate relationship with the US, and I hope President Trump accepts our Nigel’s offer to become Ambassador to the EU.

Pretty much as everyone else, getting stuck in is key for all staff.
The only caveat is be open and don’t make an issue of it. Unfortunately I could see many visits and invites from the higher ups for a photo op and so on. They need something to divert attention away from their many failings.

I’m with the others. I don’t care who you are, as long as you’re in the organisation for the same reasons I am - to do the best for the cadets.

I’m guessing with that many squadrons around you, that you’re in London. Not that I necessarily agree, but being in a big city you are more likely to find people more accepting of those who are different, rather than being in a small town/large village somewhere.

On my sqn I do not have male and female toilets. I just have two toilets.

I’d HOPE that other staff would be reasonable and accommodating, but a look at this thread shows that some people have quite a long way to go. But I’m sure that if you pick carefully then you should be fine!

Recently I was a bit miffed to receive a signal from the Army CoC on gender inclusiveness in the CCF: I replied immediately that I was prepared to do my bit but please could they stop WESTMINSTER insisting on a binary gender choice on enrolment… (IIRC BADER is the same.)

And yes, the dress regs are open to challenge. Some schools have made the headlines by simply stating there are two alternative uniforms but not saying who for. The University of Oxford did the same thing for academic dress a few years ago. Seems like a sensible compromise to me.

An ex cadet who is now in the Army reserves and has had two tours of sandy places had strong gender issues. As a cadet refused point blank to wear female clothing, ended up as one of the best CWO of her generation. There were no real issues. This was 15 years ago. He is now a full Cpl and has been in Soldier magazine having now identify as a man. If the Army can do it why does the cadets forces seem so hung up on labels

I have always felt that my wing was/is very tolerant with many cadets and a few staff BGBGT or what ever the mnemonic is. it is a shame that is appears not all are. Bad apples and all that.

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Crack on and don’t make an issue of it.

It GMG when someone turns round and says I’m this that or the other and wants special treatment.

I know a few lesbians and homosexuals and they just get on with their lives and don’t bang on about it. A couple of chaps who we know live have always lived together and it wasn’t until one of them got ill, that anyone was aware they weren’t just a couple of blokes living in the same house. Similarly we worked with a girl for years who was a lesbian and again no one knew, until we went to wedding and she was there with her other half. Mind you she was the ‘feminine’ one, ie not the “cropped hair and bovver boot” look, of her other half, which never looks good on a woman, IMO.

I know a vegan and she likes to let you know every time we see her, which is somewhat tiresome. If we go out for a meal and she’s there I like to order steak that will run bloody and mention it several times, with a smile as it never fails to wind her up.

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Quoted. Let him work it out himself folks.

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Get over yourself.
I must be a lesbian then as I am very attracted to women.

Don’t you think that kind of crass statement is offensive to homosexuals?

Aren’t most of his statements offensive to most people? Aren’t you glad he’s in a position if responsibility over young people?

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