Training Programme Creator Software


Version 1.2.11 uploaded in .accdb file format (only works from Access 2007 onwards) - if anyone is having issues with the old one, try this.



What’s new?



Ah cheers!


can I use this software without Mircrosoft Access? I’m using a work computer and I can not download directly from office! Is there anyway I can download just Microsoft access through somewhere? Really really want to use this software


You’ll need MS Office - not necessarily a full version of MS Access


Any idea where I can download this?


Have finally got round to giving this a go, but I’ve fallen at the first hurdle!

@MattB what am I doing wrong, I’m attempting to map the drive (T drive is in use, it’s a school computer so I thought I would try Z drive) but it won’t let me name the folder as Training Programme. Is this likely to be user error or just school not allowing me to map anything to a drive?



Good question, let me have a think about that one later!

But to be clear, the folder called “training programme” itself shouldn’t be the one mapped as the drive, it should be in that drive.


Ah, user error in that case! What should I be calling the folder? I know it should be formatted as \something\somethingelse but what exactly is the ‘something’? (Not in front of the laptop any more so can’t remember what the somethings should be)

Apologies for the stupid question. I like to think of myself as quite tech savvy but I’ve never mapped a drive before!