Training Programme Creator Software


Possible - one thing that would certainly be good is to move the back end to an online database - replicating the front end in php or similar would however be a pretty significant task!


I’d have to have a look and see how you’ve implemented it :slight_smile:

might not be that had :wink:

could I have a look?



Having this tool available online would be great, as not many units will have access to access,but majority have access to the internet.

The concept is great and would benefit lots of units who have various options on how to set up routine training programs.

Anything to make it easier to set up standard programs is a benefit

Many thanks


[quote=“kfd” post=23229]Having this tool available online would be great, as not many units will have access to access,but majority have access to the internet.[/quote]Shouldn’t be a problem, as when it’s finished it can be used as an mde file, which doesn’t require MS Access to run.



I’d be up for giving it a go, only thing is, will it work on a mac? I’m assuming so?

could you send to training.1331?


Rob - it’ll only work on a machine running MS Access


Hi I would like to try this if this is still possible


Also interested in this if it’s still available!


@MattB also interested in this if it’s still available!


Hi Matt,

I’ve had a look at it and like it… When do you think it will be “finished” out of Beta?


As soon as people start getting back to me and telling me if there are any bugs or missing features!


Can u possibly send me one? Sounds very useful to use


I’d love to say yes, but can’t really do any emails at the moment. Can someone else send one out?


Hi Matt,

Is it possible I could have a copy to look at too?



Hi Matt,

I’m very interested in this TP. If you or anyone can emai it to me that would be great!



Once again, no I can’t - but maybe someone else on here can? It hasn’t changed since I emailed most of the people on this thread.


OK, looking at an update to this.

Has anyone been using the software? And most importantly, have you found any issues (hopefully not) and are there any additional features you’d like?

I’m adding support for external events, and allowing instructors to be categorised as external (or occasional) so that they only show up if specifically added.


Please note that the software can be downloaded from ACC drive - Training Programme Creator.


Trying to download it to have a look, is there any particular software that I need in order to do so?


You will need MS Office - if you have Access you can open the file directly, otherwise please have a look at the installation file for instructions