The UK's terrorism threat level has been upgraded from "substantial" to "severe"

There is an old thread from when it got reduced but it’s locked.

As title said, it’s now gone up again. Although we’re going back into lockdown, so any minor effects this would have made will be even smaller.

Wonder why.
Will have been raised on credible threat Intel and analysis.

Better not be pointless attacks on ransoms like in France.

Am sick to the back teeth of those #$#$

I presume if there was credible intel it would have jumped straight to critical? It’s probably just as a reaction to what’s happened on the continent.

It will almost certainly be because of the attacks on the continent.

A number of pols have tweeted (HoSec included) that it’s being done because of the France and Austria attacks, not because of specific int.

The working assumption being made is that if can happen there without the relevant authorities getting a whiff, it can happen here - and coordinated attacks are something of a hallmark of our bearded friends…

(And it’s ‘int’, not ‘intel’. We’re not Americans or some witless moron of a scriptwriter).

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I’ve literally only ever head intel or intelligence, never int on it’s own. Unless used as GEOINT or HUMINT etc. Int to me is short for internal, but I work in engineering, so that may be why :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


SigInt, pepperint, spearint, Feel Good Int…

But yeah, no specific threat, just increased activity not too far away.

For 99.99% of the country there is no difference until critical. Even then there is little effect on much of the general public going about their lives.

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[quote}Int to me is short for internal, but I work in engineering, so that may be why [/quote]

Obviously not Ex-BRITMIL then.


Was always Int O on an operational stn.

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The more you know! I’ve learned something new today.