The RAFAC in 2019


And, in my mind, you would be perfectly within your rights to not wear it.
You could wear sqn gear, you could wear rafac gear, you could wear neither or both.

But the point is that you’re making options available that cadets and cfavs can wear during cadets as civvie wear of they like, or out of cadets as civvie wear.

Sqn or hq, either way it’s an advertising opportunities and encourages us all to be proud of being in the air cadets.


I just see it as a waste of time and a mixed message, they missed their chance of having a. “Corps” Civilian clothing, that gap has already been filled by units having their own branding and its too late to go back.


HQAC couldn’t do some embroided epaulets without subbing it to Cadet Direct. What makes you think they can do a full clothing range??


Where’s the mixed message?
I’m not saying units shouldn’t have their own branded polos etc. I’m simply drawing from what I see within scouts where you have a uniform, you probably have group branded hoodies etc, and casual scout branded kit available too.

It’s just about options and getting the brand out there and visible.

You raise a good point, and to be honest, no, I can’t see them organising a drill competition on a drill square without over complicating it. But I wanted to be optimistic, and just throw the idea out there.


I think it would be a good idea, both to the cadets and HQAC. But previous actions have coloured my view around clothing and uniform.
Another thing, who would be the ones to decide what to sell? Look at all of us here, we can’t even decide what colour a polo shirt should be!!


Well if we’re talking civvie clothing items, then it just needs a complementary colour palette with some or a contrasting colour/s for a logo etc.
Not tricky.


A central supply system has been in place for a certain region for nearly 4 years now and they take to do with all G4 matters