The RAFAC in 2019

So with the heated discussions regarding peoples opinions on the RAFAC and 2019 approaching what would people think or want the RAFAC to change/improve on 2019. Where should the direction of the strategie be at? Should be a big year as it will be Air Cmdr Mcaffertys last full year in her term.

Ill start, with the challenges with flying and gliding i think there should be more focus on providing opportunities for staff to gain the skills and experience to deliver. For example a Fieldcraft Instructors course (i know some wings run them but RAF/Corps run) so we can deliver more consistent and regular approach.


I am a little disappointed the new fieldcraft ACFTI didn’t dictate the format of the fieldcraft instructors course. I think they missed a trick for standardising there.

I’d like to see greater transparency on change in 2019, better communication from those at HQAC and not just the Commandant.

Most importantly they need to be much much quicker at releasing things that are agreed in meetings and then take months to get out in to the wild.

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Less RAF. More Air Cadet.


A year where we don’t try and reinvent the wheel would be nice, we’ve had so much change, leave us alone to get in with it for a while.


Unless she’s extended again?

I was under the impression the role onky carries a maximum of 2 terms…correct me if im wrong

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And if no-one applies?

Id put 50p on one of the RC applying though :joy:


What about the former head of 2FTS?

God save us if that ever happens


What we need is staff especially uniformed. In GM wing especially are closing squadrons because they don’t have uniformed staff but there appears to be no shortage of uniformed staff in wing posts not at Squadrons. The induction process for staff at CI, NCO and commissioned level and retention doesn’t appear fit for purpose or we would have enough staff to go around and there is no accountability.
Surely if there isn’t enough staff uniformed or otherwise in a wing this is the responsibility of the wing commander and there staff and they should be made accountable.
If this organisation is to survive we need to deal with this or we will not survive.
What some parts of the organisation don’t understand is Squadrons are the most important part of the organisation. That’s where the cadets are and without them we don’t need staff at squadron, Wing, Region or HQ so I think it is time we had a serious look at what is going wrong.
But first the organisation as a whole needs to admit there is a problem then a solution can be found.


The sudden demise of staff who are not actually interested in cadets but their own egos…I will keep praying for that one.

I would like to see some proper help coming down from HQAC to sqns to try and assist them in recruiting both adult and cadets and also for them to properly see the problems staff have in running sqns and everything thing else in their lives instead of the usual guff they give now


The lack of staff is a problem created by almost relentless tinkering and anally retentive policies over the best part of 20 years by HQAC. People have left in this timeframe purely and simply because they’d had enough of the change(s) and left.
One of the advantages in some respects of having done this so long is that you can look back, not in a rose tinted way, but in a WTF happened way.
It’s time we moved away from the staffing model we have as it allows the non officer groups to do hands up not my problem and leave it to officers and given these are the squadron commanders / next squadron commanders, it puts more and more pressure on them and if one of these leaves, that’s increasingly becoming a chasm that needs to be filled. I recall and know of a number of CIs and SNCOs with an attitude of if the word officer is inthe “job title”, taking it quite literally and saying I’m not an officer. Not much help
As such make it so that anyone can be the CO of a squadron and not just officers and you will get a staffing cohort where there would be a sense of all in it together.
I’ve put posters for adults into the two remaining local bank branches, 2 working men’s clubs, 2 libraries, churches and 4/5 pubs over the last 18 months, every single intake the parents get some patter and not even a sniff. Ironically we’ve got cadets from these.

If we want to get more CFAV in HQAC (no one else can do it) has to make being a member of staff less like a job and more like volunteering, from start to finish. You get a real impression that HQAC naively think it’s just a case of get someone in, do a few sit in a room courses and they’re ready to go. But once they are “in” like any job it takes time, as much as a another couple of years, before the majority are able to contribute fully, as they need to learn from scratch, and, unlike in the workplace where you recruit people with specific skills, knowledge and experience which can be utilised almost immediately and as employees they will get rewarded by pay and other things, it’s not so in the Air Cadets.

The reality is many people fall away before they even get to that stage, as the paperchase takes ages and they have to wait before they can actually get on the squadron to start helping. Most people when volunteering want to start doing it straightaway, not, months later. Now people not only have to do a DBS but now the BPSS as well, which has the potential to throw up an undesirable element that means no they can’t. Be honest if you wanted to help out volunteering and someone said fill out these forms, but you won’t be able to start for several months, would you hang around?
We have to rely on the over 18s coming through as staff, but there aren’t (as it always has been) that many across the Air Cadets and even then the vast majority, as they have always done, just leave.

There also needs to be more done by HQAC to make current staff not leave. I for one always thought I’d become a CI or go onto the CWC once I’d finished wanting to be in uniform, but now as that point is getting closer I’ve decided not to. I’ve still got years on my side where I can volunteer and feel more appreciated and not have someone insisting do this and this and this, just to keep on volunteering. I already volunteer elsewhere and have done for years, and it’s not as onerous as being CFAV. I do what I do and pitch in as we all do to get the stuff done and you get a sense of contributing and appreciation that you never get from HQAC.


But you have to replace those staff you despise and unless you have a magic formula to do that, it’s a case of putting up with it.
HQAC don’t care or have a clue about being CFAV let alone running an Air Cadet squadron.

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Not sure that will happen the seat warmers in HQAC are only as good as their last piece of interference. Spend a year not putting something out there and they can’t justify the need to keep them on.

Come on Teflon it’s a 2019 wish list!!

Doesn’t mean it will happen but if only

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Go purple to save money, have just one one star to cover the cadet forces, slash the management levels and amalgamate the regions together.


You could save further by not having every Tom. Dick and Harriet as FTRS and just as expenses only volunteers.
By doing this just for CAC and Gp Capts based on an average of £90K that’s £1.2M saved, lose any others and I’m sure that would easily exceed £2M. These figures include all employment costs, not just salary.

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Going purple means you don’t have two admin systems and all the costs that involves, a common training system in the vast majority of subjects and a common approach to management. If the RAF/RN/Army can have purple commands then why not the cadet forces.

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I’d be happy if they actually completed the changes they already have in place. Get all of the badges out there, fix all of the inconsistencies in the PTS etc.

I’d take it back even further and have people repair the classifications materials so that we actually have a suite of completed, well-resourced (and accurate/relevant) materials for all of the subjects, then present that nicely on Ultilearn (I am resigned to having to put up with that platform, but that platform can be used a whole lot better).

Make the “challenge nonsense” mindset (as per this W&W policy; I think North have similar) a national policy that applies to all levels of the organisation.

Rationalise the numerous, miscellaneous mandatory courses that currently have differing validity periods into a single package.

Redesign all of the ATF courses from the ground upwards, based on actual needs related to the level/role of the participants.